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To effectively monitor mentions and perform intelligent analytics, media monitoring powered by speech-to-text AI solutions is helping companies to get relevant insights into the:

  • the volume of brand mentions across platforms and set periods
  • share of brand mentions compared to other brands
  • sentiment associated with a brand mention and the context associated

With over 95% accuracy rate for the Romanian language, Vatis Tech enables you to:

  • automatically convert audio or video files into on-screen digital transcription for both real-time and pre-recorded files
  • save your time and improve efficiency
  • 1 hour of pre-recorded data ready in less than 10 minutes

Learn how Vatis Tech speech-to-text API helps mediaTrust company to automatize the monitoring process for large amounts of audio and video data.

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Why choose Vatis Tech speech-to-text solution

High accuracy

Converts your audio or video files into text automatically with over 95% accuracy using our advanced deep-learning speech recognition algorithms.

Fast transcription

It transcribes both real-time and pre-recorded files. 1 hour of pre-recorded data is ready in less than 10 min.

API integration

You can integrate Vatis Tech’s APIs into your application in minutes with a single API call and easy-to-follow documentation.


What customers are saying about Vatis Tech speech-to-text solution


Vatis offers us a quality product, fast, efficient and at a high standard. They are extremely fast in communication, which is essential for us. We can rely on them to provide very accurate transcripts for large volumes of linguistic data. Moreover, it is a pleasure to work with them.

Bogdan Apostol