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Pricing Plans

Tailored for companies from media monitoring, call centers, banking, e-commerce, health care, government or startups


If your company has small amounts of data to be processed, this is the plan to go. One example of such a company would deal with transcribing audio files occasionally.

250 /month

What is included

  • 250 hours included per month
  • 1 EUR/h for extra hours


If your company has a bit more data to be processed, this is the plan for you. For example, such a company would be one that wants to transcribe conversations.

500 /month

What is included

  • 600 hours included per month
  • 0.85 EUR/h for extra hours


This plan is ideal for a large company with lots of data to be processed. Such companies could be those that deal with media monitoring or call centers.

850 /month

What is included

  • 1200 hours included per month
  • 0.7 EUR/h for extra hours


This is best for companies that have sensitive information, and want to keep everything in-house. Such companies could be call-centers, or governments.

850 /month

What is included

  • transcribe 2000h/month/server
  • upgrade and support included

Common features

  • Asynchronous transcription

  • Real-time streaming transcription

  • Process multiple files/streams in parallel

  • State-of-the-Art accuracy


  • Prices do not include VAT.

  • The amount of hours you can transcribe with the On-Premise plan is under our recommendation of minimum system requirements.

  • Unused hours from a month are available during the entire collaboration period for any On-Cloud plan.

  • Upgrades and support are included for the On-Premise plan.

Choose the best subscription for you

Check the button with what solution you need, one on cloud (you do not have to think about storage servers and all that), on-premise (you will get from us the specs for the server, storage)


For 0 hours per month we recommend the Standard plan.

You will pay €250/month + VAT for the plan, and €0/month + VAT for the extra hours, saving up to 0 hours of manual transcription each month.

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