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Pricing Plans

Tailored for companies from media monitoring, call centers, banking, e-commerce, health care, government or startups


This is best suited for podcasters to generate subtitles for their content, or companies that need to transcribe some of their meetings.

100 /month

What is included

  • 50 hours included per month
  • 2 EUR/h for extra hours
  • 1 parallel transcription


If your company has small amounts of data to be processed, this is the plan to go. One example of such a company would deal with transcribing audio files occasionally.

250 /month

What is included

  • 250 hours included per month
  • 1 EUR/h for extra hours
  • 1 parallel transcription
  • On-premise installation


If your company has a bit more data to be processed, this is the plan for you. For example, such a company would be one that wants to transcribe conversations.

500 /month

What is included

  • 600 hours included per month
  • 0.85 EUR/h for extra hours
  • 2 parallel transcriptions
  • On-premise installation


This plan is ideal for a large company with lots of data to be processed. Such companies could be those that deal with media monitoring or call centers.

850 /month

What is included

  • 1200 hours included per month
  • 0.7 EUR/h for extra hours
  • 3 parallel transcriptions
  • On-premise installation

Common features

  • All plans have 10 accounts included

  • Asynchronous transcription

  • Real-time streaming transcription

  • Process multiple files/streams in parallel

  • State-of-the-Art accuracy


  • On-premise installation comes with an additional 20% support fee

  • Extra accounts are 9 EUR/account + VAT

  • Prices do not include VAT

  • Unused hours from a month are available during the entire collaboration period

Increase parallel transcript requests

  • 100 EUR/month + VAT per extra parallel transcription request

Live transcription stream

  • 100 EUR/month + VAT per live transcription stream

  • Unlimited transcriptions hours per stream

  • You can buy a live transcription stream together with one of our subscriptions. It is not available for pay as you go system.

Extra Services

Faster and cheaper

10 times faster than manual transcription

  • On average, a person needs 3 hours to transcribe an hour of audio content. On average, our technology needs 18 minutes to transcribe an hour of audio content.

10 times cheaper than manual transcription

  • On average, the cost per person is 10 EUR to transcribe an hour of audio. Choosing our Standard Subscription to transcribe an hour of audio does not cost more than 1 EUR.

Choose the best subscription for you

Use the slider to select up to 10.000 hours, and the input for more


For 0 hours per month we recommend the Entry plan.

You will pay €100/month + VAT for the plan, and €0/month + VAT for the extra hours, saving up to 0 hours of manual transcription each month.

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