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Antena 3 Cable News Network, also known as Antena 3 CNN, has been an exclusive news partner of CNN International in Romania since September 2022. Antena 3 CNN primarily focuses on news programs and current events, with a particular emphasis on political and economic topics.

The channel was launched in June 2005 as the third 24-hour news channel in Romania.

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The Challenge

Antena 3 CNN had been searching for an audio-to-text transcription solution for a long time. They had tried many speech-to-text solutions, but were not satisfied with their accuracy and found them to be very expensive.

Time is money in media production. Whether you are a producer, editor, or journalist, one thing is certain: there is never enough time in the day to complete your work. Thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence, TV broadcasters can now transcribe and search inside automatically generated transcription with ease. This allows them to focus on perfecting the story instead of wasting time transcribing or searching for key quotes. In this context, Antena 3's main objective was to find the right speech-to-text solution provider to assist with the heavy task of transcribing, at a reasonable price.

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The Solution

A technology that delivers up to 99% accuracy when transcribing hi-quality audio from media broadcasting. 

When conducting research to find the most accurate speech-to-text solution for television broadcasts and programs, Antena 3 CNN discovered Vatis Tech, which built an AI-driven speech recognition solution.Antena 3 CNN was drawn to Vatis STT's unparalleled accuracy for the Romanian language and scalability.

"As we've worked with Vatis Tech, we've noticed the platform's distinct ability to quickly and accurately transcribe product and company names, as well as numerals, which is critical to us."

The Results

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Boosted productivity in the newsroom

With a transcription speed of approximately 15% of the file length, the team was able to transcribe 1 hour of audio in less than 10 minutes, helping deliver the content faster through its technology.

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Improved efficiency at the team level

Vatis' speech-to-text solution automatically reduced work time and helped the team focus more on content creation. This allowed them to use their time to perfect their story and create something remarkable.

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High quality content

Vatis successfully integrated speaker diarization technology to effectively identify each speaker individually. On average it reached over 95% accuracy for Romanian, and up to 99% accuracy when transcribing hi-quality audio. 

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Saved time and execution costs

Compared to similar existing solutions, Vatis Tech was up to 2x more affordable. Its faster transcription service enabled saving time and cutting costs.

Next Steps

Take advantage of Vatis Tech's speech-to-text solution to transcribe any audio or video source. We are currently working on an end-to-end automation of the transcription process for all audio sources used by Antena 3 CNN, including radio, TV, commercial recordings, and any other online audio and video sources. This will be achieved through the integration of Vatis Tech's API.

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"The automatically transcribed text can be easily edited and modified as needed. This is useful in situations where corrections or adjustments need to be made to the transcription to ensure greater accuracy. Automated transcripts can then be shared and distributed more easily among multiple users, facilitating collaboration and information exchange.”

Alin Romașcan

Alin Romașcan

Chief Operating Officer, Antena 3 CNN

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