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The platform features contain on-cloud or on-premise APIs for easy integrations, support for real-time transcription, or custom AI models


Ready to use features

Async Transcription

Transcribe pre-recorded audio or video files with high accuracy using our highly scalable infrastructure.

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Real-Time Transcription

Use our real-time API to transcribe your live audio streams with an average response time of 420 milliseconds.

Custom Vocabulary

Boost the accuracy of your transcript using a custom vocabulary specific to your use case or product.

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Confidence Scores

Get a confidence score of our algorithms for each word in the transcript.

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Speaker Diarization

Automatically detect the number of speakers in your audio file and associate it with the words.

Punctuation and Capitalization

Automatically add punctuation and casing proper nouns to make your transcript more readable.

Numerals conversion

Automatically convert letter-written numerals to number-written numerals.

Entity Detection

Identify a wide range of entities like person and company names, dates, or locations from your audio files.

Word Timings

The entire transcript has an associated timestamp for each word.

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Large number of audio and video formats supported

You don't have to worry about file format or sampling rates because our API can handle anything.

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Profanity Filtering

Our pre-build profanity filter it's applied automatically to your transcript.

Export in many formats

You can easily export your transcript to pdf, docx, txt or srt format

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Edit your content

Cut parts from your transcript or modify the text, all it's possible

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Automatically transcribe audio and video files with high accuracy. Vatis Tech Speech-to-Text API is powered by advanced AI research.
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Automatically extract key insights and unlock the full potential of your data using our features.
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Custom models

Build your custom model starting from our pre-trained models and using your specific data.

Data labeling and generation

Easily create datasets to improve your speech models from your raw data.

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