With over 27 years of experience in the Call & Contact Center industry, Mediatel Data Company has stood out over time as a pioneer of technology innovations in the Call and Contact center industry in Europe as well as in the USA, Asia, or South America. The contact center solutions developed by Mediatel Data company have received numerous awards for its usability and innovative features.

Mediatel Data Solutions combines powerful AI, machine learning, and over two decades of customer experience and sales research to surface contextual insights from phone calls and other customer interactions. Customers use Mediatel to quickly and accurately turn large amounts of unstructured voice of customer conversation data into insights that fuel smarter business decisions.

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The Challenge

50% of call transcriptions were too inaccurate to provide reliable analytics and insights.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is a necessary function that is critical for contact centers as well as call analytics software. The technology enables call centers to analyze calls for compliance concerns and provides a rich data set to surface valuable insights for decision makers.

Therefore it was critical that MediaTel Data Company had an ASR platform partner that worked seamlessly for both its call analytics and for contact center solutions. Speech recognition had been a part of Mediatel offering, but within the past year, they realized the need to uplevel their speech offering for their customers “Call transcriptions allow us to quickly review what has already taken place on a call, and provide the most effective advice to the agent. If certain words are inaccurate, then the team can misconstrue key context and will miss valuable data insights to help them improve.”

Call center data is critical to managing the end customer’s experience, yet the data from recorded phone conversations had been sorely lacking. To ensure they were delivering the experience their customers deserved, the Mediatel Data team set out to find an ASR partner that could deliver superior accuracy to fulfill their data needs.

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The Solution

Vatis Tech Provides Highly Accurate Transcriptions to Unlock Valuable Insights

When Mediatel began evaluating speech service providers to find the right ASR partner, Vatis Tech stood far above the competition. The latest benchmarks conducted on contact center conversations have shown precision reaching between 90% - 95%*. This represented market-leading accuracy, especially for noisy human-to-human contact center conversations and allowed MediaTel Data to significantly improve the quality of its customer conversation analytics. The technology is available in English, Spanish, German, French and Romanian languages.

*95% accuracy rate for the Romanian language and over 90% for all other languages. 

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We were impressed by Vatis Tech’s ability to quickly and accurately transcribe phone calls, train custom models, and remain price competitive. Our partnership with Vatis Tech allows us to quickly convert speech into text, analyze keywords, incorporate sentiment analysis, and ensure script adherence. This enables our corporate customers to gain actionable business insights and customer experience insights from conversational data.”

Dan Mazilu

Dan Mazilu

General Manager Mediatel Data

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The Results

Highly Accurate ASR platform, Better Call Insights, Improved Analytics, and Cost Savings

By choosing an end-to-end AI speech platform that can perform under complex, real-life conditions, our solution delivers vastly more accurate transcripts, without customers having to wait. With Vatis Tech's accurate and fast transcriptions, MediaTel Data is able to attain rich data insights and identify speech patterns and gaps to help with agent training purposes.

*95% accuracy rate for the Romanian language and over 90% for all other languages. 

Next Steps

Mediatel Data's ability to provide fast and highly accurate transcripts enables the company to offer more reliable and granular insights to its customers. By leveraging Vatis Tech's real-time capabilities, Mediatel can continue to distinguish itself from other contact center as-a-service (CCaaS) providers, focusing on the tools and analytics needed for customer success.

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