Speech to Text Analytics:
Drive Insights, Make SMART Decisions

Deploy the power of a highly accurate, speech-to-text technology, to revolutionize your contact center. Drive efficiency, elevate agent performance, and create the exceptional customer experiences that build loyalty.



Vatis Tech speech-to-text empowers contact centers with advanced voice AI capabilities

Comprehensive Call Transcription: Crystal-Clear Insights

Capture Every Conversation: Effortlessly transcribe 100% of your customer calls, both live and recorded.

90%+Accuracy: Vatis' speech recognition engine excels in noisy contact center environments, ensuring reliable transcripts.

Our experience in calibrating speech to text models on large amounts of audio data ensures top results for you.

AI-Driven Agent Assistance

Provide agents with next-gen speech analytics and AI-powered insights delivered in real-time during calls.

Suggest optimal responses, automate after-call tasks, and continuously coach agents to enhance performance.

Conversational Intelligence

Gain deeper understanding of customer needs through analysis of call transcripts and metadata.

Automatically identify call topics, recurring issues, urgency levels, buyer mindsets, changing trends and prime opportunities to drive better outcomes.

Sentiment Analysis

Detect positive, negative, and neutral customer sentiment as well as emotional states like satisfaction, frustration or agitation. Capture voice-of-customer feedback and pinpoint conversation highlights.

Flexible Customization

Tailor Vatis' speech recognition models to your specific business requirements. Customize language models, vocabularies, and more to improve accuracy for your industry's specific terms, speech patterns, and needs.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly add speech features to your existing contact center setup with open APIs and pre-built connectors.

Highly Scalable

Our speech recognition platform effortlessly manages high call volumes, even during peak times. We can handle thousands of calls at once with our fast, accurate, and reliable speech to text infrastructure.

Deployment Versatility

Choose the deployment option that best fits your needs - on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. Get flexible deployment options designed to meet your data security requirements

Case Study

Step by Step: Get Started in 3 Easy Steps  

Instantly upgrade your customer service with a powerful speech analytics solution. Unlock valuable insights with 95% accurate speech recognition and powerful language analysis.

Step 1

Connect Audio Streams 
Securely stream audio from your telephony environment to the Vatis Tech speech platform through APIs or pre-built integrations.

Step 2

Transcribe with Advanced Models
Industry-leading speech recognition accurately transcribes complicated multi-speaker conversations in real-time or from recordings.

Step 3

Analyze and Optimize
Extract insights from transcripts, detect patterns, and leverage AI-driven recommendations to continuously enhance operations.  

Big quote

We were impressed by Vatis Tech’s ability to quickly and accurately transcribe phone calls, train custom models, and remain price competitive. Our partnership with Vatis Tech allows us to quickly convert speech into text, analyze keywords, incorporate sentiment analysis, and ensure script adherence. This enables our corporate customers to gain actionable business insights and customer experience insights from conversational data.”

Dan Mazilu

Dan Mazilu

General Manager Mediatel Data

See For Yourself

Our automatic speech recognition technology ensures a high-level of accuracy for all speakers, converting written numbers into digits.
It recognizes entities, such as individual and company names, dates, and locations within your audio files.


Speaker 1

Thank you so much, Mr. Fairbase. Can you please provide your national insurance number?


Speaker 2

National insurance number is 369-4456.


Speaker 1

Wonderful. Also, Mr. Fairbase, can I please have your date of birth?


Speaker 2

My date of birth is 9-26-1995.


Speaker 1

Thank you, George Washington. What is your date of birth?


Speaker 2

It is July 1st, 1968.


Speaker 1

Thank you very much. And can you confirm the address that we have for you here in the system?


Speaker 2

The address is 2898 Atwood Terrace, Columbus, Ohio, 432-24


Speaker 1

All right. We can have your Wi-Fi installed by April 25th.


Speaker 2

Let me see. April the 25th. I believe that's a Monday. You know what? I am working that day, Monday. Do you have... I am off on the 27th. If you can have a technician come out.


Speaker 1

Let's see. 27th. Yeah, I can definitely schedule an appointment for that day. Did you have a preferred time on the 27th you wanted us to come in.


Speaker 2

Yeah. How about in the morning, 9 o 'clock?


Speaker 1

9 o' clock, perfect. So your appointment is set and there is a two-hour window.

Struggling to analyze customer calls? 

Our advanced speech analytics solution delivers clear insights with state-of-the-art speech recognition and AI models trained on real contact center‍


Achieve Outstanding Customer Service and Operational Efficiency with Speech-to-text Analytics

Boost Agent Productivity

Reduce after-call workloads through automated transcription, summarization, and documentation - allowing agents to handle more interactions.

Elevate Customer Experience

Our speech analytics and real-time call transcription empower agents to resolve customer issues faster and more effectively. Agents have full visibility into the context of each conversation through AI-driven insights delivered to them during the live call. This includes next-best-action recommendations, customer sentiment analysis, real-time answers from knowledge bases, and more.

The ability to quickly understand customer needs and provide accurate solutions improves first-call resolution rates. Customers walk away more satisfied from the professional, personalized experience with faster issue resolution. Positive experiences foster greater customer loyalty.

Ensure Compliance and Quality

Stay compliant through 100% conversation monitoring and leverage conversational insights to drive continuous process improvements.

Optimize Costs

Handle higher interaction volumes without expanding headcount, through AI-enabled operational efficiencies and automation.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Contact Center Performance

We understand the complexities of contact centers.
That's why we provide customized speech recognition solutions coupled with continuous support to guarantee your security and success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is speech analytics?

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Speech analytics is the process of analyzing voice recordings to extract insights.
It identifies patterns, emotions, keywords, and sentiments in customer service calls, helping businesses improve service, monitor compliance, and understand customer needs. By analyzing how and what customers are saying, businesses can make informed decisions to improve their products, services, and customer interactions.

Why use speech analytics?

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Speech analytics is used to gain customer insights, improve service quality, ensure compliance, enhance employee training, identify trends, resolve issues quickly, and support data-driven business decisions.

Is NLP and speech analytics the same?

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No, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech analytics are not the same, although they are related fields. NLP(Natural Language Processing) is an AI field focused on enabling computers to understand human language, while speech analytics is an application of NLP that analyzes spoken language, particularly in business settings, for insights and trends.

Is NLP and speech recognition the same?

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No, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and speech recognition are not the same. NLP deals with understanding and interpreting human language by computers, while speech recognition focuses specifically on converting spoken words into text.

Is using speech analytics in a call center more beneficial compared to the traditional methods?

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Yes, using speech analytics in a call center is more beneficial compared to traditional methods due to several reasons:

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: Speech analytics can provide deeper insights into customer needs, preferences, and pain points by analyzing call content.
  • Quality Assurance: It enables more comprehensive and efficient monitoring of call quality and agent performance compared to manual review processes.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automatic analysis of calls saves time and resources, allowing for quick identification and resolution of issues.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The ability to analyze large volumes of calls provides a robust data set for informed decision-making and strategy development.
  • Improved Compliance: Speech analytics can help in ensuring adherence to regulations and standards by identifying non-compliant practices.
  • Employee Training and Development: Insights from call analyses can be used for targeted training and feedback for customer service representatives.
  • Trend Identification: It helps in spotting trends and recurring issues in customer interactions, leading to proactive problem solving.

Traditional call center methods, prior to speech analytics, included random call sampling, live call monitoring by supervisors, evaluations using standardized checklists, post-call customer surveys, agent self-assessments, and analysis based on basic call metrics like duration and volume. These methods are very time-consuming and less comprehensive compared to modern speech analytics.

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