Find out How Automatic Speech Recognition and Call Analytics Empower Contact Center as a Service Providers

Powerful speech-to-text technology can provide accurate transcriptions of phone conversations. This data can be used to extract valuable customer insights, helping to identify the causes of customer dissatisfaction and revealing opportunities to improve compliance, operational efficiency, and agent performance. 

The benefits of implementing voice technology in a call center include:

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Cost savings of over 30%

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Customer-satisfaction-score improvements

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Effective Sales Enablement

Engine Performance Highlights

Vatis Tech conducted this study to evaluate and compare the leading machine speech-to-text (MT) technologies for contact center conversations. The latest benchmarks showed that Vatis Tech's technology achieved a precision of 95%, which is market-leading for noisy human-to-human conversations.

The study also found that Vatis Tech's automatic transcription engine produces transcription accuracy levels among the highest in the industry, specifically tuned for contact center conversations. The technology is deployed in 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Romanian.

The aim of the research was to identify the practical business impact of an accurate transcription, for a contact center.
By accurately transcribing contact center conversations, the analytics module is empowered to provide a deeper level of understanding of customer interactions. This allows businesses to extract actionable insights from conversational data, that can make a positive and relevant impact in the business by improving customer service, reducing costs, and boosting efficiency.

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See For Yourself

Vatis Tech speech-to-text engine delivers a ground-breaking accuracy for every speaker, automatically converting letter-written numerals to number-written numerals and identify a wide range of entities like people and company names, dates, or locations from your audio files. It has over 95% word-level accuracy, which is higher than any other similar product on the market like Amazon, Google, Speechmatics or Microsoft.



Speaker 1

Thank you so much, Mr. Fairbase. Can you please provide your national insurance number?


Speaker 2

National insurance number is 369-4456.


Speaker 1

Wonderful. Also, Mr. Fairbase, can I please have your date of birth?


Speaker 2

My date of birth is 9-26-1995.


Speaker 1

Thank you, George Washington. What is your date of birth?


Speaker 2

It is July 1st, 1968.


Speaker 1

Thank you very much. And can you confirm the address that we have for you here in the system?


Speaker 2

The address is 2898 Atwood Terrace, Columbus, Ohio, 432-24


Speaker 1

All right. We can have your Wi-Fi installed by April 25th.


Speaker 2

Let me see. April the 25th. I believe that's a Monday. You know what? I am working that day, Monday. Do you have... I am off on the 27th. If you can have a technician come out.


Speaker 1

Let's see. 27th. Yeah, I can definitely schedule an appointment for that day. Did you have a preferred time on the 27th you wanted us to come in.


Speaker 2

Yeah. How about in the morning, 9 o 'clock?


Speaker 1

9 o' clock, perfect. So your appointment is set and there is a two-hour window.

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We were impressed by Vatis Tech’s ability to quickly and accurately transcribe phone calls, train custom models, and remain price competitive. Our partnership with Vatis Tech allows us to quickly convert speech into text, analyze keywords, incorporate sentiment analysis, and ensure script adherence. This enables our corporate customers to gain actionable business insights and customer experience insights from conversational data.”

Dan Mazilu

General Manager Mediatel Data

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