High-Fidelity Transcriptions for Broadcasting: 90%+ Accuracy

Our speech-to-text solution delivers over 90% transcription accuracy for both live and on-demand broadcasts. Transcribe, create captions, translate, and analyze your content with a single, powerful platform.
Make your videos accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and to all viewers. Broaden your audience reach today, and gain valuable insights to drive better content decisions.



Transform your audio or video files into searchable text quickly and easily. Get accurate transcripts and captions in minutes.

Crystal-Clear Insights

  • Capture Every Word: Effortlessly transcribe 100% of your media content, both live and recorded.
  • 90%+Accuracy: Our speech recognition engine excels in noisy broadcasting environments, ensuring reliable media transcription. 

Captioning for Live and Recorded Content

Get accurate captions and subtitles for any video, live or pre-recorded.

Our powerful speech-to-text captioning makes it easy.

Multi-Speaker Support

Seamlessly handle multiple speakers, accents, and background noise with our robust speaker identification and noise cancellation capabilities.  

Customizable Settings

Tailor the captioning experience to your needs with options for text formatting, language preferences, profanity filtering, and more. 

AI Assistant 

Our AI can help you summarize your transcriptions, ask questions related to your media, and get answers quickly. 

Audio Intelligence to Extract Insights 

Use our audio intelligence capabilities to analyze sentiments, discern emotions, detect intentions, and pinpoint key topics embedded within your audio content.

Easy Integration

Save time and effort with our easy-to-use speech-to-text APIs.  Clear documentation ensures a smooth integration with your existing broadcasting tools and video players.

Global Reach with Translation

Break down language barriers and reach a wider audience with our automatic transcription and translation services. Over 18 languages for transcriptions and 30 for translations.

Case Study

Three Easy Steps to Enable Accurate Transcription and Captions

Follow these straightforward steps to implement Vatis' speech-to-text solution for your live broadcasts and pre-recorded videos.

Step 1

Use our transcription software to upload your pre-recorded files or import audio files from public links on YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You can also integrate our APIs with your broadcasting software and video players.

Step 2

Personalize transcription settings, language preferences, and other options according to your requirements.

Step 3

Publish your live broadcast or upload your pre-recorded video, and our engine will create accurate captions in real-time or post-processing.


Make More Money, Optimize Your Content Strategy, and Boost Reach

Make More Money by Creating New Revenue Streams

Turn Audio and Video into Versatile Assets and repurpose your content! Our transcription solutions empower you to create transcripts, captions, blog posts, social media updates, and more from a single source.

Streamline Workflows, Save Time

Reduce turnaround times and meet even the most demanding deadlines. We convert audio recordings and transcribe videos to text. Journalists, editors, and producers receive high-quality, interactive text transcripts—whether in real-time or for existing content—saving valuable time and streamlining workflows. 

SEO Boost

Enhance visibility on search engines by automatically transcribing spoken word content into indexable text.

Improved Engagement

Enhance audience engagement by enabling them to follow along with captions, boosting comprehension and retention.

Meet Compliance, Expand Reach

Ensure compliance with legal captioning requirements and expand your reach with multi-language subtitling support to reach new demographics and regions.

Reach More People with Transcripts

Convert your audio to text and reach a wider audience. Provide transcripts so everyone can enjoy your content, including viewers with hearing impairments or those in noisy environments.

One-Stop Solution for Accessible Video Streaming and Broadcasting

Transcription and Translation: Multilingual Transcription available in over 18 languages and Translation Services in 30 languages. Effortlessly create multilingual subtitles to reach global audiences with ease.

AI Assistant: Summarize transcripts, ask questions, and get instant answers, streamlining your content analysis and decision-making processes.

Audio Intelligence: Extract valuable insights from your transcriptions within minutes. Analyze sentiments, discern emotions, detect intentions, and pinpoint key topics embedded within your audio content.

With our speech-to-text solution, you gain a powerful ally in delivering accurate, accessible, and insightful content experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

What types of content can Vatis Tech solution handle?

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Our speech-to-text engine can generate real time transcription, for live events, and it can also convert audio to text for recorded audio and video. We can also help you create captions for both live broadcasts as well as pre-recorded video and audio files across various formats.

How accurate is the captioning?

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Our advanced speech recognition models deliver over 90% transcription accuracy, ensuring precise transcription of spoken content into timed captions. For even greater precision, you can easily edit and refine your transcript within our platform to reach 100% accuracy. 

How do I integrate your speech to text solution with my existing systems?

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We offer flexible APIs that enable easy integration with your broadcasting software, video players, and content management systems.

Do you offer a free trial?

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Yes! Start transcribing smarter with our free trial. Get 60 minutes of free transcription with all features included. You can convert audio and video to text, create captions, translate transcripts in order to generate subtitles, summarize, use your AI Assistant to ask questions, and extract valuable insights from your transcriptions with our Audio Intelligence tools. 

How does Vatis Tech protect my data?

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Your privacy is paramount. We use bank-grade encryption and strict data storage policies to ensure the security of your files. 

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