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Convert your interviews, videos, phone calls, audio notes, lectures, speeches, podcasts, meetings or any other recorded speech to text easily, and with high accuracy for each speaker. Our transcription software seamlessly converts written numerals to numbers and accurately identifies various entities, including people and company names, dates, and locations, within your audio files. Vatis Tech’s deep learning algorithms transcribe thousands of hours of audio data every month with 30% higher accuracy and 25% lower costs than leading big tech solutions.

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Transcribe audio or video to text in a few steps


Log into your Vatis Tech account

If you don't have one, you can sign up for Vatis's free account—60 minutes of free transcription.


Select the Language, General Model, and Speaker Diarization

This is done so you can get the script with speaker identification. Please SELECT THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE of your audio or video recording for Language selection. Note that captions will be in the same language as as your audio/video, whereas subtitles involve translating these captions.


Receive your transcript and adjust it

Our transcription software will automatically convert your file into text in just a few minutes (depending on the length of your file). You will receive your captions in the original language of your file. Refine your transcript by directly typing into your browser, allowing you to correct errors and proofread.


Translate your transcript

Now, easily translate your captions into any any of the 17+ available languages, creating subtitles for your video or audio if subtitling is also required.

You can also SUMMARIZE your transcription or translation, or engage in a CHAT WITH YOUR VATIS TECH AI ASSISTANT. Ask any questions about your content, and Vatis Tech AI assistant will provide instant responses. No need to read through the entire transcript or relisten the video or audio recording—you’ll get immediate answers to the questions you seek.


Export your subtitles

Export your subtitles to the widely-used SRT text format, favored for video content, or choose TXT for compatibility.

Why should you consider Vatis Tech’s Transcription Software?

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Over 90% Accuracy 

Our transcription software consistently surpasses a 90% accuracy rate, reaching an impressive 99% when transcribing with high-quality audio—a level of accuracy comparable to human transcription.

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Unbeatable pricing

Top-tier automatic speech-to-text services at a very competitive price.We make no compromises on quality or turnaround time.

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Friendly Editor

Easily delete, add, or edit text directly within our platform. Your transcript is seamlessly synchronized with the audio, allowing you to make adjustments while listening.

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Trustworthy Service

Experience peace of mind with our service's exceptional reliability, ensuring a constant 99.9% uptime

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Security & Confidentiality

Your files are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Only you have the encryption key. We use bank-grade security and have strict data storage policies to keep your files safe.

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Customisable Models

Tailored speech-to-text models can achieve an accuracy improvement ranging from 10% to 20%, outperforming generic models. 

Discover the versatility of our transcription software with applications across key business sectors, including but not limited to:

Transcription Editor - Features

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Real-Time Transcription

It provides immediate access to accurate transcriptions. Particularly useful for live events, meetings, conferences, customer service interactions. 

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Async Transcription

Transcribe pre-recorded audio or video files with high accuracy using our highly scalable infrastructure.

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Multiple Formats Supported

You don't have to worry about file format or sampling rates. We can handle anything — from MP3 to FLAC, MP4 to MKV, and everything in between.

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Easy Exporting

When it's time to wrap up, effortlessly export your polished transcript into PDF, DOCX, TXT, or SRT formats.

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Punctuation & Capitalization

Identify a wide range of entities like people and company names, dates, or locations from your audio files.

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Numeral Conversion

Automatically convert letter-written numerals to number-written numerals.

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Find and Replace

The "Find and Replace" function allows you to replace specific text expressions with other terms. This feature seamlessly operates in both async and live transcription modes.

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Word Timings

The entire transcript has an associated timestamp for each word, so you can easily find what you need, quick.

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Profanity Filtering

Swearing is rarely appropriate — we automatically filter out the bad words out of your transcript. And yes, you can turn it off if needed.

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Speaker Diarization 

Involves distinguishing and segmenting different speakers in an audio recording. The goal of speaker diarization is to identify "who spoke when" in a given audio file, assigning each speaker a distinct label.

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Multiple Channels

Multichannel transcribes audio with multiple tracks, each representing a distinct speaker or source. It is an accurate representation of the dialogue originating from various sources within the recording.

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Confidence Scores

We like transparency — we show a confidence score of our algorithms for each word in the transcript.

Coming SOON

Automatic Translation - Real Time and Pre-recorded files

Your team never needs to compromise on quality. Vatis Tech captures the subtlest linguistic nuances, delivering translations that sound entirely human.

Once receiving your transcript, our software swiftly translates the text into multiple languages including, but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian.

This enables you to customize content for a worldwide audience within minutes!

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Audio Intelligence Features


Transcript summarization is the process of creating a brief and coherent summary that captures the main ideas and key concepts of a lengthy transcript, enabling quick understanding or reference.

Sentiment Analysis 

Sentiment analysis identifies whether the emotions conveyed in the transcript are positive, negative, or neutral, offering insights for applications like customer feedback, social media monitoring, and content evaluation.

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PII Redaction

The PII Redaction model lets you minimize sensitive information about individuals by automatically identifying and removing it from your transcript.

Topic Detection 

The Topic Detection model lets you identify and label different topics in your audio or video files.

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Ask Anything 

The "Ask Anything" function allows users to pose a wide range of questions related to their files, and the AI Assistant will provide informative responses based on its knowledge.

Auto Chapters

"Auto Chapter" automatically divides audio files, enhancing navigation by detecting content changes or pauses, allowing easy skipping between sections.

Languages & Formats

Supported Formats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

How is your transcription performed?

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We do it automatically by using our Transcription Software or our Speech to Text API for large volumes of audio data.

Did you know that it can take up to 4 hours to convert manually 1 hour of audio to text? Our automatic transcription software can get your files transcribed in a few minutes (depending on the length and the quality of your audio). If your file has a good audio quality you can expect to take around 15 minutes to convert 1 hour of audio. If you have poor audio quality, it may take longer.You only need to upload your audio file and select your language and settings. The software will then transcribe your audio file and generate a text transcript. It is much easier and can save you a lot of time.

How will I receive my transcript after converting audio or video to text?

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You will receive your transcript as an editable document in our online editor. You can view, edit, and download the transcript to your computer. You can download the text to any format you want including MS Word, PDF, subtitles, or a simple text file.

How accurate is your transcription?

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Vatis Tech's speech-to-text transcription software automatically transcribes audio or video files to text with around 90% accuracy and higher -  human level accuracy. Once you received your transcript you can make any necessary corrections directly within the editor. By proofreading and fine-tuning your audio transcription you can achieve the gold standard of 100% accuracy.

How can I transcribe my files for free?

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We offer 60 minutes of free transcription. You can upload your audio or video file to test our transcription software. Once the transcript was generated, you can use the online editor to edit your transcript, add labels to the speakers and correct any errors. Take advantage of our technology by starting your free trial today. Enjoy 1 hour of complimentary transcription with no credit card required.

How can I create subtitles for my audio files?

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Upload your audio files. Our software will automatically convert your file into text and offers subtitle generation in over 17 languages.

Export your subtitles to the widely-used SRT text format, favored for video content, or choose TXT for compatibility. Upload these subtitle files to YouTube,Facebook, Vimeo,CupCut, and other video players to make your videos instantly accessible with captions. To discover the advantages of adding captions to your Instagram Reels and learn the process, read our detailed article on The Benefits of Reel Captions for Instagram

How can I increase the accuracy of my audio file transcription?

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To get the best possible results from our transcription service, please follow these tips: use high-quality recording equipment, record in a quiet environment, speak clearly and at a consistent volume, avoid background noise, if possible, use a microphone that is designed for speech recognition, if you are recording multiple people, try to keep them all in the same room and at a similar distance from the microphone, if you are recording a conversation, try to avoid overlapping speech.

How do you keep my files confidential?

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Your files are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Only you have the encryption key, so no one else can read your files. We use bank-grade security and have strict data storage policies to keep your files safe.

What languages and formats do you support for transcription? 

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We strive to offer extensive language support, currently encompassing the following languages and formats.

Can your transcription software integrate with other platforms we are using?

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Yes, our transcription software easily integrates with various platforms and productivity tools through our robust API, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.

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