Speech-to-Text for Defense & Security | 90%+ Accuracy

Empower Security and Defense with a highly accurate speech recognition platform. Instantly detect threats, analyze audio efficiently, and support investigations with Vatis Tech's powerful speech-to-text solution.



Fast Audio Analysis

Automatically transcribe and analyze massive audio datasets rapidly and accurately, empowering analysts. Outpace manual efforts and gain a strategic advantage in time-sensitive security operations.

Immediate Threat Detection 

Detects potential dangers by setting custom keywords, flagging known speakers, identifying languages, and more — all in near real-time.

Efficient Investigations

Uncover vital insights from speech data to empower investigators, allowing them to connect the dots faster.

Save your investigators hours of tedious work. Our accurate transcripts and Audio Intelligence tools allow them to rapidly connect the dots for swift resolutions.

Robust Security and Privacy

Deploy Vatis Tech on-premise for maximum data protection and compliance with the most rigorous security standards. Our platform integrates easily into your existing solutions, eliminating reliance on external internet connections. Internal APIs ensure secure communication over your private network, enabling 24/7 automated transcription workflows.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Securely Upload Audio
Rapidly ingest audio files or live streams into the secure, on-premise solution adhering to strict data policies.

Step 2

Advanced speech recognition automatically and accurately transcribes audio in real-time or batch mode.

Step 3

Analyze and Visualize
Search transcripts, detect insights, and visualize data however needed to accelerate investigations.


Amplify Security and Defense Capabilities. Equip teams with AI-powered speech technology. Gain a tactical edge with accuracy, speed, and data protection.

Improve Operational Efficiency with 90%+ Accurate Automatic Transcription

Automate labor-intensive manual processes to reallocate valuable personnel resources. Cut through hours of audio in minutes, accelerating threat response, investigations, and critical operations.

Gain Information Advantages with Actionable Intelligence

Rapidly extract insights from multi-speaker, multilingual communications to maintain a decisive intelligence edge. 

Enhance Mission Readiness with Speech Analytics 

Uncover hidden patterns and connections within complex audio data to fuel informed decision-making. Respond to emerging situations with greater speed and context by leveraging AI-enabled speech analytics.

Unmatched Scalability, Uncompromising Security

Our on-premise solution is meticulously optimized to maximize your existing hardware resources and easily scale alongside your needs in security and defense. Vatis Tech solution is designed to handle the vast audio datasets and peak demand surges unique to your security operations.

By leveraging speech-to-text technology, security and defense organizations can gain a decisive edge

Improve situational awareness, streamline intelligence analysis, optimize communications, and enhance overall operational effectiveness. Here's how:

Intelligence Gathering & Analysis: Discover Insights, Mitigate Threats

  • Speech-to-text transforms raw audio, video, and multimedia into actionable intelligence. Applications range from counterterrorism to competitive analysis.
  • Analyze intercepted communications and recorded content to rapidly identify keywords, names, locations, and other critical data.
  • Empower analysts to uncover patterns, connections, and potential threats hidden within vast amounts of communications data.

Surveillance & Monitoring: Real-Time Situational Awareness

  • Transform live audio and video feeds (surveillance systems, body cameras, etc.) into searchable text for immediate threat detection.
  • Enable keyword spotting and instant alerts for critical events, ensuring rapid response and proactive security.

Forensic Analysis: Uncover the Truth in Audio/Video Evidence

  • Transcribe audio and video evidence with precision for investigations, court proceedings, and legal purposes.
  • Enable meticulous review of recorded conversations and events to uncover critical insights and support investigations.

Call Center & Communication Monitoring: Optimize Security and Performance

  • Transcribing and analyzing call center communications, radio transmissions, and other voice communications for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.
  • Identifying potential security risks, sensitive information leaks, or improper communication protocols.

Multimedia Content Analysis

  • Transcribing and analyzing multimedia content, such as news broadcasts, social media videos, and public speeches, for intelligence gathering and threat assessment.
  • Identifying potential propaganda, misinformation, or extremist content.

More Than A Speech-to-Text Solution: A Strategic Partnership

We understand the complexities of security & defense.

Vatis Tech offers customized solutions and ongoing support to meet your evolving security needs.

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