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As a journalist, editor, or producer, there are always deadlines to meet, stories to cover, and articles to write. With so much to read, listen to, write, research, and analyze, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Fortunately, there are tools available that can help make the process more efficient, save time, and streamline workflows.

Automated transcription services like Vatis Tech spare you from repetitive tasks and allow you to focus on the creative aspects of your work, like thinking of those difficult questions or crafting headlines that truly convey the essence of the story.



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Highly Accurate Transcripts

So accurate a human could have done it.

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Speaker Identification

Allows users to search for not just what was said in a programme, but also who said it.

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Really Fast

Automated transcripts of your interviews in minutes. 1 hour-long file gets fully transcribed in about 15 minutes.

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Always in Sync

Vatis Tech platform pins audio to the text which means you can always refer back to the source, audio or video, to check exactly what was said.

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Search Within Your Content

With our service, you'll receive a searchable transcript that allows you to find specific sections of your interviews in a matter of seconds. 

Automated Transcription Designed for Newsrooms

To boost productivity, many newsrooms are turning to automated transcription services that use speech-to-text technology to transcribe audio or video recordings into written text quickly and accurately. These services save you time on transcription work and allow you to focus on the more creative aspects of your job.

Rather than wasting time transcribing or searching for key quotes, you can use that time to perfect your story and create something truly remarkable.

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Create an Account

Create your account for free. Every trial account comes with 60 minutes free interview transcription. No credit card required.

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Upload your media files

Upload your interview recordings or research work (video or audio) to our secure servers. We accept most file formats including mp3 and mp4.

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Analyze transcript

Your transcript will be ready in minutes. Then, easily adjust your transcript before analyzing the content for key insights for your future article. 


We Do Everything For You. Literally.

Vatis features on-cloud or on-premise APIs for easy integrations, support for real-time transcription, or custom AI models, alongside a plethora of features designed to do the work for you, and supercharge your workflow.

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Real-Time Transcription

Use our real-time API to transcribe your live audio streams with an average response time of 420 milliseconds — almost instant.

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Async Transcription

Transcribe pre-recorded audio or video files with high accuracy using our highly scalable infrastructure.

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Custom Vocabulary

Lotta slang? No problem. Boost the accuracy of your transcript using a custom vocabulary specific to your use case or product.

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All Formats Supported

You don't have to worry about file format or sampling rates we can handle anything — from MP3 to FLAC, MP4 to MKV, and everything in between.

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Easy Exporting

When it's time to wrap up, effortlessly export your polished transcript into PDF, DOCX, TXT, or SRT formats.

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Editable & Automated

Want to delete, add, or edit the text from your transcript? It’s all possible, including automatic punctuation and capitalisation.

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Entity Detection

Identify a wide range of entities like people and company names, dates, or locations from your audio files.

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Numeral Conversion

Automatically convert letter-written numerals to number-written numerals.

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Confidence Scores

We like transparency — we show a confidence score of our algorithms for each word in the transcript.

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Profanity Filtering

Swearing is rarely appropriate — we automatically filter out the bad words out of your transcript. And yes, you can turn it off if needed.

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Word Timings

The entire transcript has an associated timestamp for each word, so you can easily find what you need, quick.

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Custom Models

Build your custom model starting from our pre-trained models and using your specific data. Easily create datasets to improve your speech models from your raw data.


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