The Vast & The Curious

The Vast & The Curious is an exciting podcasting platform that offers listeners the opportunity to hear from some of the most innovative and pioneering entrepreneurs out there. Hosted by Andreea Roșca, the show features a wide range of guests who share their unique stories and insights on a variety of topics.

Andreea Roșca is a journalist, entrepreneur, and author who has created a virtual space dedicated to all those with the drive and courage to develop new ideas, projects, and initiatives. Her website features interviews with successful entrepreneurs in Romania, articles about taking risks, facing fears, overcoming failures, making decisions and celebrating successes. The website also offers courses, book recommendations, and much more.

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The Challenge

Quickly and accurately convert audio to text, particularly interviews, for the purpose of creating social media content and other marketing activities.

Andreea’s main goals:

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To provide a faster and more accurate transcription of the interviews uploaded on "The Vast & The Curious" podcasting platform, compared to Google's speech-to-text alternative.

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Looking for a more affordable solution, as all other previous options they've tried were expensive and produced questionable results.

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The Solution

A technology that transcribes with over 95% accuracy rate and at a far more affordable price.

Vatis Tech achieved a transcription speed of approximately 15% of the file length, meaning that one hour of audio could be transcribed in less than 10 minutes. They achieved a high content accuracy of over 95% for the Romanian language, which is considered the hardest romance language to learn.

The team implemented speaker diarization technology, to identify multiple speakers throughout an audio-video file. As a result, the transcribed texts had diacritics, could be divided into paragraphs, predefined time sequences, or multiple speakers.

The Results

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Cost Savings

The other speech to text solutions “The Vast & The Curious” team had tried were up to 2x more expensive compared to Vatis Tech. Andreea Roșca has been able to reduce transcription costs.

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Improved productivity at the team level

1 hour of audio content was transcribed in less than 10 minutes. Vatis’ speech to text solution automatically reduced work time and helped the team focus more on content creation instead of transcribing the text.

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High quality content

Vatis successfully integrated speaker diarization technology to achieve a higher content accuracy, of over 95% for Romanian. The technology effectively identified each speaker individually.

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Achieving Faster Delivery Times

With a transcription speed of approximately 15% of the file length, the team was able to transcribe 1 hour of audio in less than 10 minutes. This allowed them to post more content on social media channels at a faster pace, thus increasing their online presence.

Next Steps

Move to automatic transcription of all media monitoring processes, without the need for any manual transcription in the future.

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“I use the software created by Vatis Tech on a weekly basis. It helps a lot to streamline my working time, making it easier to edit the text directly, without having to do the transcription from audio to written format. The transcription is highly accurate, has diacritics, punctuation, and the paragraphs are separated by speakers.”

Andreea Roșca

Andreea Roșca

Creator of “The Vast & The Curious” Podcast

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