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Supercharge your apps with Vatis Tech's accurate, accessible and affordable Speech-to-Text API. Simply convert audio to text within your applications, adding new capabilities and enhancing user experiences. Get started in minutes with our streamlined API and clear documentation.

What makes Vatis Tech Speech-to-Text API a compelling choice for development?

We've processed over 4.6 million minutes of audio (and counting!) – a testament to our technology's reliability and scalability. Our API powers innovative applications across various industries:


Transcription: 90%+ Accuracy

Our robust automatic speech recognition engine consistently achieves a speech-to-text accuracy exceeding 90%, and approaches an impressive 99% when transcribing high-quality audio—reaching a level of accuracy comparable to human transcription.

Batch Transcription 

Accelerate high-volume transcription tasks with our efficient batch transcription API. Process multiple audio and video files simultaneously and receive accurate results in minutes.

Real-Time Transcription

Power real-time workflows with our real-time transcription API. Ideal for live broadcasts, streaming events, and interactive applications. 



Simplify deployment with our flexible cloud-based solution. Rapid integration and smooth scalability, perfect for fast-moving teams.


Maintain maximum control with our on-premise deployment option. Ideal for security-sensitive applications and custom integrations.


Coverage: 18+ languages 

Expand your reach with our broad language support. Transcribe content in 18+ languages and open your applications to a global audience.

Translation: 30 languages 

Break down language barriers with seamless translation. Convert your transcripts into 30 languages, boosting accessibility and content reach.

Automatic Language Detection 

Eliminate manual language selection – our intelligent API automatically identifies spoken languages.

Real-time Language Switch

Understands more than 18 languages that can be spoken in the same audio input and switches between them in real time as the language changes in the audio.


Custom Vocabulary 

Adapt transcription to your industry with custom vocabulary. Improve accuracy for specialized terminology, jargon, and proper nouns.

Custom Models 

Boost Transcription Accuracy by 10-20%. Fine-tune speech recognition for your unique audio conditions and terminology. Train custom models on your data for unparalleled precision.

Transcript Readability

Numeral Formatting 

Ensure clear transcripts with proper numeral formatting. Automatically structure numbers for easy comprehension of dates, currencies, and measurements.

Punctuation and Capitalization 

Enhance transcript readability with automatic punctuation and capitalization. Produce professionally formatted text ready for analysis and sharing.

Profanity and Disfluency 

Control transcript output with optional profanity filtering and disfluency handling. Create polished results suitable for diverse audiences.

Speaker & Channel Diarization

Identify who said what and when with accurate AI speaker labelling or channel-based labelling. Both batch and real-time transcription.

Transcript Metadata

Word Timestamps 

Pinpoint specific moments with word-level timestamps. Quickly navigate audio/video and verify context.

Confidence Scores

Assess transcription accuracy at a glance with confidence scores. Focus editing efforts on sections needing refinement.


Multiple Upload Formats

18 audio and video file formats. Conveniently upload common audio and video formats for transcription.

Multiple Export Formats

Easily integrate transcripts into your workflow with flexible export options. Choose the format that best suits your analysis needs: json, txt, pdf, word, srt 

Easy-to-follow Docs 

Start fast with our clear and comprehensive API documentation. Quickly implement features and accelerate your development process.

Audio Intelligence


Extract key insights with intelligent summarization. Quickly grasp the essence of lengthy transcripts.

Sentiment Analysis 

Unlock customer sentiment through sentiment analysis. Gauge emotions and opinions expressed in audio content.

Topic Detection

Automatically identify themes and topics within transcripts. Efficiently categorize and organize your content.

PII Redaction

Protect privacy with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) redaction. Automatically detect and remove sensitive data.

Auto Chapters 

Structure long recordings with automatic chapter generation. Improve content navigation and enhance user experience.

Intent Detection 

Understand the purpose behind interactions with intent detection. Ideal for analyzing customer support calls or user feedback.

Ask Anything 

Turn your transcripts into a knowledge base with our 'Ask Anything' feature. Easily search and retrieve relevant information from your audio and video content.


We Scale With You

Our Enterprise offering gives your business the power to easily scale speech-to-text operations

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Dedicated Support

Tailored to meet the unique needs of your enterprise, our support ensures prompt responses, expert guidance, and personalized solutions.

Data Security 

Safeguard your sensitive audio and text data with our robust security measures.
Protect your assets and maintain compliance.

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Highly Scalable

Our auto-scaling infrastructure effortlessly manages large volumes of audio data. Put our system to the test with thousands of files—we guarantee fast, accurate transcriptions and reliable performance.

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Custom Pricing

Tailor a pricing structure that aligns with your enterprise's specific usage patterns and budget constraints. Enjoy transparent and customizable pricing options that cater to your unique requirements.

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