Medical Speech-to-Text: 90%+Accurate Transcripts

Convert your Voice into Precise Patient Records with Over 90% Accuracy!
Simplify your clinical documentation using Vatis Tech's AI-powered transcription solution, designed for healthcare providers. 
Our medical speech-to-text services save time, so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.



For Medical Professionals

Fast & Accurate Transcription

  • 90%+ Accuracy: Even complex medical terminology is captured correctly.
  • Custom models: Created for specific medical terms, including specialized terms and abbreviations, to ensure even greater accuracy in matching specific terminology.
  • Secure for Patient Data: Our platform follows global data protection standards to keep patient data safe and private.

Streamlined Workflows

  • Integrates with Your EHR: Seamlessly works with your existing electronic health record systems.
  • Multiple Speaker Identification: Easily distinguish between doctors, patients, and other voices.
  • Effortless Dictation Transcription: Turn your voice notes into complete medical records.

Deeper Insights with AI

  • Data Analysis Tools: Uncover trends in patient data to inform research and decision-making.
  • Intelligent Search: Quickly find diagnoses, treatment plans, and other critical information within transcripts.

Case Study

Step by Step

Guide to Medical Documentation

Step 1

Connect Voice Data Source 
Securely upload audio recordings or stream live speech. Integrate with EHR systems, voice recording apps, and dictation tools.

Step 2

Transcribe and Review
Let our AI accurately transcribe your voice data in real-time or batch mode. Refine transcripts within our editing interface before sending to the EHR.

Step 3

Integrate & Share:
Export to your EHR or share directly within your preferred platforms.


How Speech-to-Text Transforms Healthcare

Boost Clinician Productivity

Save Hours on Documentation: Automating transcription of patient notes, diagnoses, and treatment plans saves doctors and nurses countless hours. This precious time can be redirected towards patient care.

Ensure Documentation Accuracy

Precise Transcripts for Better Care: Speech-to-text ensures accurate records of everything from complex medical histories to detailed treatment plans. This minimizes errors and supports informed decisions for the best patient outcomes.

Improve Patient Experiences

Focus on the Patient: When clinicians aren't weighed down by typing, they can engage more fully with patients. This leads to a better experience and can improve patient satisfaction.

Optimize Revenue Cycles

Accurate Coding, Fewer Denials: Consistent, detailed transcripts ensure accurate coding, minimizing rejected claims and streamlining revenue processes.

Enhance Data Security and Privacy

Protect Sensitive Information: Advanced encryption and strict data privacy protocols safeguard patient data. This builds trust and ensures compliance with global data protection standards.

See For Yourself

Vatis Tech's speech-to-text engine is expertly designed for the medical sector, achieving over 90% accuracy in transcribing complex medical terminology, procedures, names of prescribed drugs, and medical acronyms.

This precision-focused technology ensures reliable and accurate transcription tailored to the unique demands of healthcare professionals.


Speaker 1

This is a 64-year-old right-hand dominant Caucasian female who presents with a complaint of left shoulder pain and loss of motion. The patient states that she was involved in motor vehicle accident on August 13, 2013. She was a seat belt shoulder harness restrained driver. The patient had significant bruising and swelling on her back and about her waist pain about her shoulder. The patient was treated with chiropractic intervention. The patient's bruising is abated. However, she is still having pain on the left shoulder, predominantly about the side near her shoulder blade. She also has increased pain which she tends to lift the arm. The patient states she has been having sleep in a recliner. She describes it as an aching sensation and she stated that she did have swelling which appears to be going down. She denies any parasthesis.


Speaker 1

Here we have a patient with a right upper quadrant pain and leukocytosis. Gallbladder and appendix were normal. In the right upper pole of the kidney you can see this heterogeneous cystic mass. It measured close to 5 centimeters and contains internal debris, no vascular flow. Here's the CT sweep through in coronal. Right there you can see the lesion again. It has a hypodese rim. It doesn't uptake contrast either. You can see there are two ureters. There's one ureter there and the other one's right there. Here's an axial view sweeping from superior to inferior. You can see the cystic lesion there again. Very clear. And exiting the renal pelvis you can see there are two ureters. This is a duplex right kidney. This is an abscess of the upper pole of the right kidney. Differential could be infected. Calyceal is diverticulum. Here's the two ureters again. Or infected renal cyst.

Transforming Healthcare with Data-Driven Solutions

Our speech-to-text solution not only enhances existing tasks but also opens up new possibilities in healthcare

  • Unlocking the Power of Healthcare Data: Multilingual Transcription Available in over 18 Languages and Translation Services in 30 Languages. By turning spoken words into searchable text, speech-to-text makes vast amounts of health data accessible for analysis.
  • Data Analytics Tools for Insights: AI-powered tools can analyze data transcripts alongside other health data collections. This helps identify trends, detect patterns, risk factors, and potential health problems early on.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

What EHR/EMR systems does your solution integrate with?

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Our speech-to-text solution integrates with major EHR and EMR systems.
We continuously expand our compatibility to meet diverse healthcare needs. For specific system inquiries, please contact us for detailed integration information.

Can medical transcripts be edited after initial creation?

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Yes, clinicians can review and refine transcripts within our web-based editor before signing off and sending documentation to the EHR system.

How does your software handle medical terminology?

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Our speech recognition models are trained on millions of medical samples to accurately transcribe clinical terminology, drug names, abbreviations, and more.

How long does it take to receive completed transcripts?

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For live conversations, you'll see the text populate in real-time.

For recorded audio, average turnaround is just minutes depending on length.

What security protocols are in place for PHI and patient data?

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We employ robust security compliant with HIPAA regulations, including end-to-end encryption, auditing, access controls, SOC 2 certification, and more.

Do you offer deployment flexibility for our health system?

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Yes, we support cloud-based or on-premise deployment models based on your infrastructure requirements and data residency needs.

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