Up to 99% Accuracy

Discover Vatis’ cutting-edge technology, surpassing human transcription with unmatched accuracy and speed thanks to our AI’s continuous learning and optimization.

Speech recognition is poor and costs waaay too much.


75-85% Accuracy

That’s how accurate our competitors are, on average. And they’re also 4x more expensive.


95%+ Accuracy

Vatis is more accurate even without any training, and it gets even more accurate over time.

The Science Behind
The Magic

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We start with raw data

We transcribe the audio data with the current version of our Speech-To-Text model. We split the result into fragments that can be easily analyzed, corrected, and validated. Also, we start an initial self-supervised training process for our technology at this step.

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We do in-house labelling

Our team of validators starts to analyse, correct and validate the data from the previous step. They take unlabelled data and label it.

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Training, lots of it

When we have enough new hours validated by our team, we re-train the Speech-To-Text model using a supervised technique this time.

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When the training has finished, we deploy the new version of the model. We are also constantly researching better ways to improve our model's architecture.

...then the cycle repeats. Constantly.

Vatis is continuously learning. We repeat the steps above until we push our accuracy beyond human — it usually takes around 1-2 months to get to that level.

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“Considering that for almost 4 years we have transcribed by hand legal debates and conferences at, Vatis Tech came as a rescue.

We like how easy the platform is to use, the fact that the transcripts are accurate and it takes a few minutes for them to be ready.”

Daria Niculcea

Daria Niculcea

Executive Director,

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