Turn Audio and Video into Powerful Text | 90%+ Accuracy 

Get fast, accurate transcriptions, subtitles, and insights with our AI-powered speech-to-text solutions. From automatic transcription to speech analytics and conversational AI, Vatis Tech makes extracting value from your content effortless.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Harness the full potential of your audio and video content with Vatis Tech's transcription software or speech-to-text API.

Automatic Transcription

Transcribe live or pre-recorded audio and video with 90%+ accuracy. Easily search your content and make it accessible to all.

Closed Captions

Generate closed captions automatically, ensuring your content is inclusive and accessible to diverse audiences.

Translate Subtitles

Effortlessly translate subtitles into multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and reaching global audiences.

Speech Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your audio and video content with advanced speech analytics, including sentiment analysis, topic detection, and more.

Conversational AI

Enhance your customer experience with intelligent conversational AI assistants, capable of understanding and responding to natural language queries.

Step by Step

Guide On How To Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Start with Our Transcription Software or Speech-to-Text API. Opt for our intuitive transcription software or robust Speech-to-text API for easy integration and automated transcription of audio content across diverse platforms and use cases.

Step 2

Upload or Connect Your Content. Securely upload your audio/video files, import via public links, or connect to your existing content sources for straightforward API integration.

Step 3

Transcribe, Translate and Analyze.

Customize and Transcribe: Adjust your transcription preferences to meet your needs and get your transcribed content delivered in minutes. 

Translate and Analyze: Convert your transcripts into over 18 languages to create subtitles and broaden your audience. Utilize our comprehensive audio intelligence tools for in-depth analysis of your audio and video content, revealing valuable insights.

See for Yourself

Watch our short video demo highlighting key features.

Benefits of Vatis Tech's Speech-to-Text Solutions

Transform your audio and video content into powerful assets by accurately converting any audio to text.

High-Accuracy Transcription

Enjoy 90%+ accuracy in transcription, along with:

  • speaker identification (diarization)
  • transcript readability (numeral formatting, punctuation, and capitalization)
  • multiple format upload and download 
  • translation
  • summarization 
  • a virtual assistant to answer any queries related to the transcript.

Transcription Software with a User-Friendly Process 

Experience a very easy-to-use web application with a user-friendly process: upload your video or audio files and receive easy-to-use text transcripts that you can further edit directly in the platform. You can also import content from public links.

Flexible and Powerful Speech-to-Text APIs

Leverage Vatis Tech's flexible and powerful API, featuring:

  • customization options  
  • a full suite of audio intelligence tools (summarization, sentiment analysis, topic detection, PII redaction, auto chapters, intent detection, and "ask anything" functionality)
  • easy-to-follow API documentation
  • flexible deployment (on cloud or on-premise for full control) and 
  • enterprise features: dedicated support, high scalability, data security, and custom pricing.
1import requests
3url = "https://vatis.tech/api/v1/files/transcribe/file"
5payload = {
6 'language': 'ro_RO'
9files = [
10 ('file', open('/path/to/your_file.mp4','rb'))
12headers = {
13 'Authorization': 'Bearer *your_api_key_here*',
16response = requests.request("POST", url, headers = headers, data = payload, files = files)

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