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Turn Media into Actionable Insights. Monitor mentions, analyze sentiment, and track trends with 90%+ transcription accuracy.
Stay ahead of the game with Vatis Tech’s highly accurate speech-to-text solutions. Make smarter decisions!



Core Transcription: 90%+ Accuracy

Capture every brand mention, competitor keyword, and relevant phrase with exceptional accuracy, ensuring you never miss critical information.

Batch Transcription. Process large volumes of broadcasts, podcasts, and social media audio at once for comprehensive trend analysis and historical comparisons.

Real-Time Transcription. Receive immediate alerts on breaking news, trending topics, or reputation-impacting events as they happen, enabling timely responses.

Languages and Translation. Track mentions and conversations across global media. Translate foreign-language content to understand competitor activity, audience sentiment, and emerging trends worldwide.

Customization. Adapt transcription for industry jargon, competitor names, and emerging buzzwords to ensure precision in your media tracking.

Transcript Readability. Produce clear, well-formatted transcripts for immediate analysis and easy sharing with stakeholders.

Transcript Metadata. Pinpoint the exact source, context, and timestamps of mentions. Verify information, track sentiment changes over time, and enhance your search capabilities.

Workflow Integration

Securely monitor media with the setup that matches your needs. 

Flexible Deployment: On-Premise or Cloud. Choose the deployment method that best suits your workflow and security needs. Opt for rapid cloud integration or the complete control of an on-premise.

API. Integrate transcription seamlessly into your existing media monitoring platforms and custom dashboards. Automate workflows and enrich your insights.

Insights & Analysis: Beyond the Surface

Unlock the true meaning and potential impact hidden within your media data. Our powerful audio intelligence tools help you:

  • Know Your Audience: Analyze sentiment in real-time to gauge reactions to campaigns, events, or product launches. Protect your reputation and respond proactively.
  • Spot Trends Early: Identify emerging topics and shifts in public opinion before they become mainstream, giving you a competitive advantage.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Get quick summaries of lengthy content, saving time for deeper analysis and strategic decisions.
  • Protect Privacy: Maintain ethical standards while gathering insights. Redact sensitive information in compliance with regulations.
  • Understand the 'Why': Decipher intent behind customer interactions and competitor moves to inform your strategy and messaging.

Enterprise-Level: Monitoring at Scale

Get expert support, confidently handle high-volume data, protect sensitive content, and get customized pricing plans tailored to your large-scale media monitoring needs.

  • Dedicated Support: Receive expert guidance and rapid issue resolution to maximize the success of your media monitoring initiatives.
  • Highly Scalable: Handle high-volume media monitoring without sacrificing speed or accuracy. Process large data sets with confidence.
  • Data Security: Safeguard sensitive content with robust security measures. Protect your data and maintain compliance in a complex media landscape.
  • Custom Pricing: Get a pricing plan tailored to your specific media monitoring needs and budget, ensuring optimal ROI.

Case Study


Guide to Easily Integrate Vatis Tech’s Speech-to-Text Solutions to your Media Monitoring Workflows

Step 1

Connect your media sources, such as broadcast channels, social media platforms, internal video repositories, or pre-recorded files, to our speech-to-text solution.
Our APIs and on-premises deployment options offer seamless integration with your existing systems and processes.

Step 2

Accurately transcribe your media content
For real-time monitoring, our technology can transcribe content as it streams in.
For pre-recorded files, you can batch process and transcribe your media content using our APIs or on-premises solution.

Step 3

Monitor and analyze your transcribed content using powerful search, summarization, filtering, and sentiment analysis tools. 


Experience the Transformative Power of Vatis Tech Speech-to-Text Media Monitoring.  Transform the way you analyze media and gain a decisive edge. Our speech-to-text solutions help you:

Save Time & Boost Efficiency

Turn audio and video content into searchable text, freeing your team to focus on strategic analysis, not tedious tasks.

Discover Deeper and More Relevant Insights

Go beyond surface-level mentions. Uncover trends in audience reactions, competitor strategies, and emerging shifts in the market landscape. Analyze sentiment, track your brand's share of voice, and pinpoint opportunities hidden in the media around you.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Make informed, data-driven decisions with real-time insights at your fingertips. Outpace the competition by understanding the market and your audience better than ever before.

Optimize Your Content Strategy

Speech-to-text is a powerful tool for content creators.
Repurpose webinars, podcasts, and interviews into compelling blog posts, social media updates, and more. Create a table of contents from transcripts to enhance user experience.

Engage Your Audience

Monitor social media channels to see what people are saying about your products and services. Identify pain points, answer questions proactively, and provide exceptional customer support that builds brand loyalty.

Reach New Customers

Use insights from media monitoring tools to refine your digital marketing campaigns. Target your messaging effectively, connect with potential customers on the right platforms, and track campaign performance.

Track Your Brand Reputation

Stay on top of how your brand is perceived across a wide range of media. Quickly identify positive and negative sentiment, address crises, and proactively manage your reputation.

One-Stop Solution for Accessible Video Streaming and Broadcasting

Transcription and Translation: Multilingual Transcription available in over 18 languages and Translation Services in 30 languages. Effortlessly create multilingual subtitles to reach global audiences with ease.

AI Assistant: Summarize transcripts, ask questions, and get instant answers, streamlining your content analysis and decision-making processes.

Audio Intelligence: Extract valuable insights from your transcriptions within minutes. Analyze sentiments, discern emotions, detect intentions, and pinpoint key topics embedded within your audio content.

With our speech-to-text solution, you gain a powerful ally in delivering accurate, accessible, and insightful content experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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