Speech to Text Podcast Transcription: Grow Audience, Boost SEO

If you want your podcast to thrive, transcription is non-negotiable.
Vatis Tech's AI-powered speech-to-text solutions transform your audio content into a powerful growth engine. Enhance accessibility, boost discovery, repurpose content, and make data-driven decisions with our 90%+ accurate and flexible podcast transcription services.



Accurate, Real-Time & Pre-Recorded Podcast Transcription 

  • 90%+ Accuracy: Our AI technology delivers human-level accurate transcription, preserving the integrity of your content.
  • For Real-Time & Pre-Recorded Files: Transcribe live broadcasts or pre-existing audio and video files – we adapt to your podcast's workflow.

Go Global: Boost Your Podcast's International Reach with Translation

  • Translate into 18+ languages to reach a worldwide audience.
  • Easily create your own subtitles to ensure accuracy, for the best viewer experience
  • Repurpose your video content across platforms with ease.

User-Friendly Experience: Podcast Transcription and Editing

  • Direct Editing: Add, delete, and fine-tune your transcript directly within the platform for maximum accuracy and polish.
  • Synced Editing: Text edits are always in perfect sync with your audio or video – no frustrating playback needed to find the right spot.
  • Speaker Identification: Clearly see who said what and at what timestamp, ensuring context is preserved within your transcript.

Vatis Tech's AI Advantage: Insights Beyond Transcription

Extract Insights from Your Transcripts with our AI Assistant can:

  • Summarize key points of your content
  • Provide quick answers to your questions

Maximize Workflow Efficiency: Choose Our Platform or API

  • Transcription Platform: Easy uploads, editing tools, and multiple download formats for streamlined podcast production.
  • Speech-to-Text API: Integrate transcription directly into your existing podcasting tools and custom applications for a tailored workflow.

Case Study


Getting started with Vatis Tech's podcast transcription solution is a breeze, whether you choose to use our intuitive transcription software or integrate our powerful speech-to-text API

Step 1

Upload your audio or video recordings
Directly from computer, by drag-and-drop, or via a public link such us: YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, or any other public source.
Or connect your content sources using our API.

Step 2

Transcribe and/or Translate
Transcribe your video files in 18+ languages. You can also instantly translate your text into 30 languages with just a language selection.
Our API also enables easy integration of transcription and translation capabilities into your existing systems.

Step 3

Review and edit transcriptions or translations directly within our platform.
Once perfected, download them in your preferred format, ready for publishing or further processing via our API.


Why Podcast Transcription Matters: Boost Audience & SEO!

Accessibility for All

Reach a wider audience, including deaf or hard-of-hearing listeners and those who prefer a text-based experience.

SEO Supercharge

Transcripts make your podcast episodes easily searchable, with relevant keywords improving your ranking potential.

Deeper Engagement

Transcripts empower listeners to pinpoint specific moments, share insightful quotes, and interact more meaningfully with your content.

Repurposing Power

Turn transcripts into compelling blog posts, social media content, and more, getting the most out of your podcasting efforts.

Vatis Tech: Your Content Powerhouse - Transform Audio & Video into Success

Tailor Your Transcripts: Customize podcast transcriptions to your exact needs.

Go Global: Expand your reach by translating into multiple languages and creating subtitles.

Edit with Ease: Refine transcripts and translations within our intuitive editor.

Unlock Insights: Get quick summaries and answers from our powerful AI assistant.

Streamline Your Workflow: Export in various formats for seamless integration with your favorite tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

How does Vatis Tech transcribe my podcast episodes?

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Our powerful software and speech-to-text API automatically transcribe your audio and video content. This saves you hours compared to manual transcription. Expect your transcript in minutes, not hours!

How do I get my podcast transcript?

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You'll receive an editable transcript within our user-friendly online editor. Easily review, make any necessary edits, and download the file in your preferred format (Word, PDF, TXT, subtitles, and more).

How accurate are Vatis Tech's podcast transcripts?

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We transcribe video to text and audio with 90%+ accuracy, comparable to human transcribers. Proofread within our editor to achieve 100% accuracy and ensure your podcast content is perfect.

Do you show timestamps for each speaker in the transcript?

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Yes! Timestamps help you pinpoint specific sections within your podcast. Easily locate key moments and quotes.

How do I create subtitles for my podcast videos with Vatis Tech?

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It's easy! Upload your file, and our software automatically converts audio to text, generating your video transcript. Once the transcript is available, we offer translation and subtitle creation in 30 languages. Export in popular subtitle formats (SRT, TXT) and integrate them with your video, using your favorite video editing platforms.

Tips for the most accurate podcast transcription?

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For the best results, follow these tips:

  • Use high-quality audio recording equipment
  • Record in a quiet environment
  • Speak clearly and consistently for a clear voice recognition 
  • Minimize background noise
  • Consider a speech-optimized microphone
  • Keep multi-speaker distances consistent

How can I transcribe video files for free?

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We offer 60 minutes of free transcription. You can upload your audio or video file to test our transcription software. After generating the transcript, you can edit it using the online editor. Add labels to speakers and fix mistakes. Take advantage of our technology by starting your free trial today.

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