Launch your voice-powered innovation with Vatis Tech's Grants for Startups

Access the full potential of advanced speech recognition and audio intelligence with our startup support program.
We enable founders and teams to develop and scale innovative applications using cutting-edge speech-to-text technology. Our program is tailored for talented AI developers and early-stage startups, providing expert guidance and industry-leading tools to help turn your ideas into reality.


3 Months Free

Build, integrate, and launch your product, solution, or app with Vatis Tech speech-to-text API.

60.000 Minutes

Included in a three-month period. The equivalent of 1.000 hours of speech-to-text processing.

Enterprise Access

High amounts of data to be processed, early access to new features, and enterprise-level benefits.

Join the Program

Here are the application steps.

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Submit Your Application

Complete the application form by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button below.

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Rapid Review Process

Expect a response within one week.

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Start Your Project

If accepted, begin building your project using our speech-to-text API.

Eligibility Requirements

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The objective of the Vatis Tech Grants is to support the launch of emerging products and business models utilizing speech-to-text API technology, reducing initial start-up expenses.

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You must have a clearly defined monetization strategy.

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Grants are exclusively for companies developing long-term market products; one-off projects are ineligible.

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This program targets early-stage companies (up to 20 employees)

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Each company is limited to a single application for this program.

Apply for a Vatis Tech Startup Grant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

When can I start using my free hours?

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Your free hours will be ready to use within 24-48 hours after we accept your program application.

Are unused hours rolled over to the next month, after the 3-month deadline?

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No, unused hours expire at the end of the three-month period. 

What happens if I need more hours?

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If you exhaust your 1000 free hours, you will be charged according to the Pro plan for Developers. Alternatively, contact us and we can arrange a long-term paid plan for your newly launched product.

Do my unused hours roll over after the 3-month period?

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No, unused hours expire. Make the most of your 3-month grant by using all your available hours!

Grant Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

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We welcome applications from solo-preneurs and startups alike! Here's what you need:

  • A product or project utilizing speech-to-text technology: Tell us how you plan to use Vatis Tech.
  • Business Information: Share details about your product/project during the application process.
  • One-Time Grant: This grant opportunity can only be used once.
  • Logo Display: Successful applicants agree to display the Vatis Tech logo on their website for 12 months.

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