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Crucial for elevating your content experience, closed captions present text on video or audio, transcribing spoken words and describing sounds. Viewers can toggle them, assisting those who are deaf or hard of hearing, those learning a new language, or in noisy environments, allowing viewers to follow along without needing sound. While often auto-generated, using caption generator software enhances accuracy, ensuring a precise and inclusive viewing experience.

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How To Generate Closed Captions?


Log into your Vatis Tech account

If you don't have one, you can sign up for Vatis's free account—60 minutes of free transcription.


Select the Language, General Model, and Speaker Diarization

Please select the original language of your audio or video recording for Language selection. Note that captions will be in the same language as your audio/video, whereas subtitles involve translating these captions.


Receive your transcript and adjust it

Our transcription software will automatically convert your file into text in just a few minutes (depending on the length of your file). You will receive your captions in the original language of your file. You can now edit your transcript by typing directly into your browser to correct any errors.


Translate your transcript

If necessary, you have the option to TRANSLATE your transcript, SUMMARIZE the conversation, or engage in a CHAT WITH YOUR VATIS TECH AI ASSISTANT. Ask any questions about your audio file transcript, and the Vatis Tech AI assistant will provide instant responses. No need to read through the entire transcript or relisten the audio recording—you’ll get immediate answers to the questions you seek.

Need the transcript in a different language? Simply select your desired language from our extensive range of languages.


Review and download

Examine and revise the translation as needed. Simply click on a text line and start typing. Export your translated transcript to any format you want. For subtitles we recommend you the widely-used SRT text format.

Here are the languages and formats available for generating closed captions:

Supported Audio Formats

Supported Video Formats

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3url = ""
5payload = {
6 'language': 'ro_RO'
9files = [
10 ('file', open('/path/to/your_file.mp4','rb'))
12headers = {
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16response = requests.request("POST", url, headers = headers, data = payload, files = files)

We're Very Developer-Friendly

Integrate Vatis Tech's Speech-to-Text APIs into your application in minutes with a single API call and easy-to-follow API docs

Benefits of closed captions

Refine your closed captions effortlessly, ensuring heightened precision and accessibility!

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Accessibility and Inclusivity: Closed captions cater to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, ensuring everyone has equal access to information and entertainment.

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Language Learning: Captions aid language learners by providing a written reference to spoken words, facilitating better understanding and vocabulary acquisition.

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Enhanced Comprehension: Captions improve overall comprehension, benefiting viewers in situations with background noise, unclear audio, or when not fluent in the spoken language.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Visibility: Adding closed captions can enhance the searchability of your content, potentially increasing its visibility and reach through search engine indexing.

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Increased Engagement: Captions capture and retain viewer attention, making content more engaging and suitable for diverse audiences.

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Legal Compliance: Closed captions may be legally required in certain jurisdictions, ensuring adherence to accessibility standards and regulations.

See For Yourself

We've prepared a concise video tutorial to showcase the seamless functionality of our audio transcription tool.

Beyond a mere closed captions generator tool!

Vatis Tech goes beyond being a tool for generating closed captions, presenting a comprehensive suite of additional features.

Craft personalized captions, translate transcripts, and effortlessly generate subtitles. Edit and review your captions or subtitles seamlessly within our user-friendly editor. Summarize your transcripts or translations effortlessly, and engage your AI ASSISTANT for prompt answers to any questions about your video file transcription or translation—no need to sift through the entire content. Lastly, export your transcript or subtitles in your preferred format.

We are your trusted resource for efficient and streamlined content creation !

An image showing the AI capabilities of the Vatis Tech platform


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

What's the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

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Subtitles translate spoken dialogue into another language for viewers who understand the audio but not the language. They exclude non-dialogue sounds. Closed captioning is for the deaf or hard of hearing, detailing all audio elements, including dialogue, sound effects, and speaker changes, in the same language as the audio. Subtitles are for translation, while closed captions ensure accessibility.

Why are closed captions called closed?

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Closed captions are termed "closed" because they can be turned on or off by the viewer, unlike "open captions," which are always visible and cannot be turned off.

How to do closed captioning?

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Upload your video or audio file to our platform. Our transcription software will automatically convert your file into text. Export your captions to the widely-used SRT text format, favored for video content, or choose TXT for compatibility

How can I create subtitles for my audio files?

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Upload your audio files. Our software will automatically convert your file into text. You can now translate your generated transcript in any of the 17+ available languages. Export your subtitles to the widely-used SRT text format, favored for video content, or choose TXT for compatibility. Upload these subtitle files to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CupCut, and other video players to make your videos instantly accessible with captions. To discover the advantages of adding captions to your Instagram Reels and learn the process, read our detailed article on The Benefits of Reel Captions for Instagram

Why should I create my own captions and not auto generate them?

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Creating your own captions ensures greater accuracy, contextual understanding, and customization. It enhances accessibility, offers SEO benefits, and provides better control over translations compared to auto-generated subtitles.

How do I add closed captions to a video?

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You can upload the captions you have generated with our transcription software to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CapCut, and other video players to make your videos instantly accessible with captions. 

Who controls closed captions?

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Closed captions are controlled by the viewer, who can turn them on or off using the settings in their TV, streaming service, or video player interface. Online content often features a CC button directly on the video player for easy access.

Who benefits from closed captions?

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Closed captions aid the deaf and hard of hearing, assist non-native language speakers, are useful in noisy or quiet environments, enhance educational experiences, and help clarify unclear dialogue for general audiences.

What languages and formats do you support for audio transcription? 

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We strive to offer extensive language support, currently encompassing the following languages and formats.

How accurate are your closed captions?

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Vatis Tech's transcription software automatically transcribes and translates your video files with around 90% accuracy and higher -  human level accuracy. Once you received your transcription and translation you can make any necessary corrections directly within the editor. By proofreading and fine-tuning your files, you can achieve the gold standard of 100% accuracy.

How can I increase the accuracy of the audio transcription?

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To get the best possible results from our transcription services, please follow these tips: use high-quality recording equipment, record in a quiet environment, speak clearly and at a consistent volume, avoid background noise, if possible, use a microphone that is designed for speech recognition, if you are recording multiple people, try to keep them all in the same room and at a similar distance from the microphone, if you are recording a conversation, try to avoid overlapping speech.

How do you keep my files confidential?

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Your files are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Only you have the encryption key, so no one else can read your files. We use bank-grade security and have strict data storage policies to keep your files safe.

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