CASE STUDIES - LEGAL is the most important legal portal in Romania and the largest community of legal professionals. The project was launched in 2003 with a mission to provide an easy-to-use information hub for legal professionals in Romania. publishes dozens of informative materials every day, covering everything happening in the legal world, from legislative news and scientific articles to information about the work of professionals and career opportunities.

In short, provides a wealth of information for legal professionals from a variety of sources. It aggregates content from community members and other sources and also hosts a variety of events, from scientific conferences to social gatherings, providing a platform for legal professionals to connect and share ideas.

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The Challenge had been transcribing all materials uploaded on their website manually.

The manual transcription process was time-consuming and prone to errors. To address this issue, the company decided to invest in an automated transcription system. This would allow them to transcribe materials quickly and accurately, freeing up time for their team to focus on other tasks. By implementing this technology, wanted to be able to expand the amount of legal content available to their users and improve the overall quality of their website.

Their main objectives were to:

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Automate the transcription process and provide a faster and more accurate transcription of all the materials uploaded on's platform. This includes interviews, lectures, scientific articles, events, and more.

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Improve work productivity, as the manual transcription process took an average of 3 hours per document.

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The Solution

A technology that automatically transcribes speech with over 95% accuracy for the legal terminology.

Vatis Tech achieved a transcription speed of approximately 15% of the file length, which means that one hour of audio could be transcribed in less than 10 minutes. This was achieved through the use of advanced speech-to-text technology, which was able to accurately transcribe legal terminology with a high content accuracy of over 95%.

The team implemented speaker diarization technology, to identify multiple speakers throughout an audio-video file. As a result, the transcribed texts had diacritics, could be divided into paragraphs, predefined time sequences, or multiple speakers.

By automating the transcription process, was able to:

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Reduce the time it takes to transcribe a document from 3 hours to just a few minutes.

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Improve the accuracy of the transcriptions, as the automated process is less prone to errors.

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Free up staff time to focus on other tasks, such as creating new content or managing the website.

The Results

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Boosted productivity 

With a transcription speed of approximately 15% of the file length, the team was able to transcribe 1 hour of audio in less than 10 minutes, helping deliver the content faster through its technology.

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Improved efficiency at the team level

Vatis' speech-to-text solution automatically reduced work time and helped the team focus more on content creation. This allowed them to use their time to perfect the articles they were uploading.

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High quality content

Vatis successfully integrated speaker diarization technology to effectively identify each speaker individually. On average it reached over 95% accuracy for legal terminology, and up to 99% accuracy when transcribing hi-quality audio.

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Saved time and execution costs

Reduced the time it takes to transcribe a document from 3 hours to just a few minutes.

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“Considering that for almost 4 years we have transcribed by hand legal debates and conferences at, Vatis Tech came as a rescue.

We like how easy the platform is to use, the fact that the transcripts are accurate and it takes a few minutes for them to be ready.”

Daria Niculcea

Daria Niculcea

Executive Director,

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