Speech Analytics: The Crucial Importance of Speech-to-Text

Experience audio transcription with over 90% accuracy - truly human-like! Our proprietary deep learning algorithms transcribe on a monthly basis thousands of hours of data, achieving an impressive 30% higher accuracy and reducing costs by 25% compared to leading solutions offered by major tech companies.

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Our speech-to-text models ensure a high-level of accuracy for all speakers, converting letter-written numerals into their numerical counterparts. Furthermore, it excels at recognizing a wide spectrum of entities, such as individual and company names, dates, and locations within your audio files.

Boasting a word-level accuracy exceeding 90%, our technology outperforms comparable products on the market



Speaker 1

Thank you so much, Mr. Fairbase. Can you please provide your national insurance number?


Speaker 2

National insurance number is 369-4456.


Speaker 1

Wonderful. Also, Mr. Fairbase, can I please have your date of birth?


Speaker 2

My date of birth is 9-26-1995.


Speaker 1

Thank you, George Washington. What is your date of birth?


Speaker 2

It is July 1st, 1968.


Speaker 1

Thank you very much. And can you confirm the address that we have for you here in the system?


Speaker 2

The address is 2898 Atwood Terrace, Columbus, Ohio, 432-24


Speaker 1

All right. We can have your Wi-Fi installed by April 25th.


Speaker 2

Let me see. April the 25th. I believe that's a Monday. You know what? I am working that day, Monday. Do you have... I am off on the 27th. If you can have a technician come out.


Speaker 1

Let's see. 27th. Yeah, I can definitely schedule an appointment for that day. Did you have a preferred time on the 27th you wanted us to come in.


Speaker 2

Yeah. How about in the morning, 9 o 'clock?


Speaker 1

9 o' clock, perfect. So your appointment is set and there is a two-hour window.

Learn how it works

We've prepared a concise tutorial to showcase the seamless functionality of our speech analytics solution:

1import requests
3url = "https://vatis.tech/api/v1/files/transcribe/file"
5payload = {
6 'language': 'ro_RO'
9files = [
10 ('file', open('/path/to/your_file.mp4','rb'))
12headers = {
13 'Authorization': 'Bearer *your_api_key_here*',
16response = requests.request("POST", url, headers = headers, data = payload, files = files)

API infrastructure

Are you dealing with a large volume of video data? Easily integrate Vatis Tech's Speech-to-Text APIs into your application using just one API call and our clear, concise documentation.

Transforming Call Centers: The Comprehensive Benefits of Speech Analytics

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Customer Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences, and sentiments during interactions.Analyzing speech patterns can reveal common customer concerns, allowing the call center to proactively address issues and improve customer satisfaction.

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Quality Assurance: Monitor and assess agent performance to ensure adherence to scripts.Analyzing call transcripts can identify instances where agents deviate from approved scripts, enabling targeted coaching and training.

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Compliance Monitoring: Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce legal risks by identifying and addressing non-compliant behaviors.Speech analytics can detect and flag instances where agents fail to provide required disclosures, mitigating compliance risks.

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Operational Efficiency: Streamline operations by identifying process inefficiencies and areas for improvement.Analyzing call data can reveal common customer inquiries, enabling the call center to develop self-service options for more efficient issue resolution.

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Sales Optimization: Identify successful sales tactics and areas for improvement to enhance overall sales performance.Analyzing calls from top-performing sales agents can reveal persuasive language and effective techniques that can be shared with the entire sales team.

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Real-time Monitoring: Monitor and respond to customer issues in real-time for improved service delivery.Speech analytics tools can provide live insights into customer sentiments, allowing supervisors to intervene promptly in escalated situations or to offer additional support.

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Cost Reduction: Identify opportunities to reduce operational costs by streamlining processes and improving resource allocation.Analyzing call data can reveal areas where automation or self-service options can be implemented to reduce the workload on live agents.

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Identify emerging trends: Anticipate emerging trends and customer needs by identifying patterns in call data.Recognizing an increase in calls related to a specific product or service can prompt the call center to allocate additional resources or update training materials accordingly.

Big quote

We were impressed by Vatis Tech’s ability to quickly and accurately transcribe phone calls, train custom models, and remain price competitive. Our partnership with Vatis Tech allows us to quickly convert speech into text, analyze keywords, incorporate sentiment analysis, and ensure script adherence. This enables our corporate customers to gain actionable business insights and customer experience insights from conversational data.”

Dan Mazilu

Dan Mazilu

General Manager Mediatel Data

Empowering Intelligence: Mastering Insights with Speech Analytics

Unlocking actionable insights from phone conversations requires more than accurate transcriptions. Call Analytics, powered by Vatis Tech, surpasses keyword analysis, reaching a new level of understanding. By analyzing key conversation elements, it reveals nuanced details and hidden patterns crucial for transformative insights. Redefining evaluation precision, Call Analytics ensures effectiveness through:

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Sentiment analysis

Speech analytics systems can analyze the tone and detect the sentiment, emotions and identify the speaker's meaning.

Inner circlesMid circlesOuter circlesTwo number icon

Talk and silence pattern analysis

Analyzing talk and silence patterns measures emotions and satisfaction levels. User-defined phrases detect agent actions, helping in prioritizing immediate attention.

Inner circlesMid circlesOuter circlesThree number icon

Analyze by keywords 

Identify keywords and semantically related terms to assess the risk level within a specific category of calls.

Inner circlesMid circlesOuter circlesFour number icon

Speech adherence tracking

Starting from the agent's dialogue, the system can discern the extent to which the prescribed script was adhered to, assessing the alignment between the spoken words and the scripted content.



Discover how our technology is making an impact in the real world. Visit our case study and also ready our white paper on Mediatel, where we showcase the transformative power of our speech-to-text technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is speech analytics?

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Speech analytics is the process of analyzing voice recordings to extract insights. It identifies patterns, emotions, keywords, and sentiments in customer service calls, helping businesses improve service, monitor compliance, and understand customer needs. By analyzing how and what customers are saying, businesses can make informed decisions to improve their products, services, and customer interactions.

Why use speech analytics?

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Speech analytics is used to gain customer insights, improve service quality, ensure compliance, enhance employee training, identify trends, resolve issues quickly, and support data-driven business decisions.

Is NLP and speech analytics the same?

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No, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and speech analytics are not the same, although they are related fields. NLP (Natural Language Processing) is an AI field focused on enabling computers to understand human language, while speech analytics is an application of NLP that analyzes spoken language, particularly in business settings, for insights and trends.

Is NLP and speech recognition the same?

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No, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and speech recognition are not the same. NLP deals with understanding and interpreting human language by computers, while speech recognition focuses specifically on converting spoken words into text.

Is using speech analytics in a call center more beneficial compared to the traditional methods?

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Yes, using speech analytics in a call center is more beneficial compared to traditional methods due to several reasons:

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: Speech analytics can provide deeper insights into customer needs, preferences, and pain points by analyzing call content.
  • Quality Assurance: It enables more comprehensive and efficient monitoring of call quality and agent performance compared to manual review processes.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automatic analysis of calls saves time and resources, allowing for quick identification and resolution of issues.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The ability to analyze large volumes of calls provides a robust data set for informed decision-making and strategy development.
  • Improved Compliance: Speech analytics can help in ensuring adherence to regulations and standards by identifying non-compliant practices.
  • Employee Training and Development: Insights from call analyses can be used for targeted training and feedback for customer service representatives.
  • Trend Identification: It helps in spotting trends and recurring issues in customer interactions, leading to proactive problem solving.

Traditional call center methods, prior to speech analytics, included random call sampling, live call monitoring by supervisors, evaluations using standardized checklists, post-call customer surveys, agent self-assessments, and analysis based on basic call metrics like duration and volume. These methods were very time-consuming and less comprehensive compared to modern speech analytics.

How can I increase the accuracy of audio file transcription?

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To get the best possible results from our transcription service, please follow these tips: use high-quality recording equipment, record in a quiet environment, speak clearly and at a consistent volume, avoid background noise, if possible, use a microphone that is designed for speech recognition, if you are recording multiple people, try to keep them all in the same room and at a similar distance from the microphone, if you are recording a conversation, try to avoid overlapping speech.

How do you keep my files confidential?

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Your files are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Only you have the encryption key, so no one else can read your files. We use bank-grade security and have strict data storage policies to keep your files safe.

What languages and formats do you support for audio transcription? 

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We strive to offer extensive language support, currently encompassing the following languages and formats.

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