Swedish Speech-to-Text Converter with 90%+ Accuracy

Unlock the Power of Speech-to-Text: Accurate, Affordable, Trusted by Professionals. Vatis Tech’s automatic Swedish transcription software uses advanced AI- techniques to transcribe thousands of hours of audio and video data, every month. With over 90% accuracy - truly human-like! In addition, our speech-to-text software can translate your Swedish transcript and generate subtitles tailored to your language needs.



Key Features of Our Swedish Speech to Text Software:

High Accuracy

Our cutting-edge AI understands your Swedish audio with 90%+ accuracy, delivering transcripts that are truly human-like!

Upload by Link

Paste YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, or direct links for 90%+ accurate and fast transcripts.  Edit, download, and get on with your day.

Intuitive Online Editor

Easily review and refine your Swedish transcripts directly within our platform. Jump to specific points in your audio/video with linked text for seamless verification.

Global Reach

Transcribe to Swedish and generate subtitles in 18+ languages, breaking down communication barriers and expanding your content's impact.

High-Volume Efficiency

Process hours of Swedish audio and video content in minutes, not days. Our robust API tackles large projects with ease.

Learn more about our Speech-to-Text API

Cost-Effective Transformation

Lower your transcription costs without sacrificing quality. Vatis Tech delivers an affordable solution for projects of any size. Check our pricing page for more information.

Step by Step

Guide To Generate Subtitles In Multiple Languages

Step 1

Upload your Swedish audio or video recordings, drag and drop your files to Vatis Tech, or paste your public links.

Step 2

Transcribe your files in Swedish. You can also instantly translate your text into over 18 languages with just a language selection.

Step 3

Review, edit, and download your final transcript or translation.

See for Yourself

Watch our quick tutorial for a simple demo of our audio to text transcription tool


of utilizing Our Swedish Speech-to-Text Conversion Technology

Accelerate Productivity with Speech-to-Text

Convert Swedish audio to text in minutes, saving hours compared to manual typing. Vatis Tech's speech-to-text solution streamlines your workflow, freeing up time for strategic tasks.

Enhance Content Accessibility & SEO

Make your Swedish audio content accessible with accurate transcripts. Convert Swedish videos, podcasts, and more into searchable, shareable text. Boost inclusion and improve your website's search engine ranking.

Expand Your Audience with Transcripts

Reach a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments and those who prefer reading. Swedish transcription from Vatis Tech boosts accessibility and makes your content discoverable through search engines.

Speech-to-Text and Beyond: Transform Your Swedish Audio & Video Content

Vatis Tech's powerful suite of tools unlocks the full potential of your Swedish spoken content.

  • Effortless Transcription: Convert Swedish audio and video to text with exceptional accuracy and speed.
  • Global Communication: Translate your Swedish transcripts into multiple languages, expanding your content's reach.
  • Intelligent Insights: Get quick summaries to pinpoint key information within your audio and video files.
  • Easy Collaboration: Seamlessly edit, share, and collaborate on transcripts within our intuitive platform.
  • Flexible Export: Download in various formats (Word, PDF, SRT, etc.) for effortless integration with your workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

How can I convert Swedish speech-to-text?

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Vatis Tech uses advanced AI and speech-to-text technology to convert Swedish audio and video into editable text. This process is much faster than manual typing; we can automatically transcribe an hour of audio in minutes! Just upload your Swedish audio file, select Swedish language, and our system will automatically convert your audio to text.

What formats will my transcript be in?

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You'll receive your transcript in a convenient, editable format within our online editor.  Download it in popular formats like .txt, .docx (Word), .pdf, or SRT/VTT for subtitles.

How accurate is Vatis Tech's speech recognition technology?

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We achieve around 90% accuracy, similar to a human transcriber. Improve your Swedish transcripts even further by editing for perfect results within our platform, and reach 100% accuracy rate.

Is there a free Swedish speech-to-text?

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Yes! Get started with 60 minutes of free transcription to try our accurate and user-friendly software. Take advantage of our technology by starting your free trial today

Can I identify different speakers in my Swedish audio transcript?

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Absolutely! Vatis Tech's speaker identification feature automatically labels different speakers, so you'll always know who said what in your transcribed videos or audio.

How do I search and edit within my transcripts?

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We achieve around 90% accuracy, similar to a human transcriber. Improve your Swedish transcripts even further by editing for perfect results within our platform, and reach 100% accuracy rate.

Does Vatis Tech provide timestamps for my transcript?

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Yes, our transcription tool provides timestamps with your Swedish transcript. This helps you pinpoint specific moments in the original audio or video file.

Can I use Vatis Tech to create subtitles for my Swedish videos?

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Definitely! Upload your Swedish audio/video, select Swedish language to generate the transcript in the original language of your audio/video, and translate the auto-generated transcript into multiple languages to reach a wider audience and generate subtitles.

How can I maximize the accuracy of my transcripts?

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For the best results follow these tips: record in a quiet environment, use high-quality microphones. speak clearly and at a consistent pace, avoid overlapping speakers.

How does Vatis Tech protect my audio files?

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Your privacy is our priority. We employ top-tier encryption and security measures to safeguard your data.

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