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Custom speech-to-text model training depends on factors like data quality, vocabulary complexity, and desired accuracy. For intricate interactions or complex audio data, at least 10 hours of sample data is required to develop a tailored model. Training duration varies from hours to weeks, with processing rates adjusted accordingly, ensuring transcriptions cater to industry-specific jargon and accents.

Your model is accessible on our API platform, enabling seamless integration with a single API call and straightforward documentation, providing flexibility and accessibility for a smooth user experience

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The Benefits of Building a Custom Speech-to-Text Model

Improved Accuracy

By training the model on your specific industry jargon and accents, you can ensure more accurate transcriptions. Customized models can deliver between 10% to 20% better accuracy, compared to the generic models

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Maximum Efficiency

Customized models can save time by transcribing your content faster and more accurately. On average, we can develop a custom model in between 1-2 months.

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Maximum Flexible Integration & Deployment

Easily integrate your custom model via our API — both on-cloud or on-premise, with your data fully secured. Moreover, we offer dedicated support throughout the process.

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“Speech-to-text applications have always been a technological challenge, given that medical language, and in particular radiological language, is a "foreign language" or rather a dialect of a strange language for most speech recognition software, requiring a lot of transcription algorithms, often with questionable results in terms of the accuracy of the transcribed text.

Vatis Tech has found appropriate solutions in this context, with the accuracy of dictation transcription achieved by using artificial intelligence to process and progressively improve the results of the transcription process.
It is far superior to other similar applications for the Romanian language.”

Razvan Capsa

Dr. Răzvan Capșa

Medical Director, Primary Radiology and Medical Imaging Physician, Emerald Clinic

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