Accurate Legal Transcripts with Advanced Speech-to-Text

90%+ Accuracy Rate ensuring precise records for clear transcriptions of court sessions, client meetings, and in-depth case reviews.



Powerful Features to Save You Time

90%+ Accurate Transcripts

  • Live Transcription and Pre-recorded: Capture every word during hearings and depositions.
  • Know Who Said What: Easily tell who's speaking in your recordings.
  • Timestamps for Legal Records: Create accurate records for court and other official paperwork.
  • Smart AI Tools: Find patterns, understand emotions, and quickly redact sensitive information with our audio intelligence advanced features. 

Your Data is Safe with Us

  • Top-Level Security: We protect your files like a bank protects money.
  • Follows the Law: Our systems are designed to meet strict legal privacy and security rules.

Fits Your Workflow

  • Your Choice: Use our cloud system, install on your own servers, or a mix of both.
  • Works with Your Tools: Connects easily to the software you already use for case management and document review.

Case Study

Step by Step

Guide to Legal Transcription

Step 1

Upload or Connect Source Media
Securely upload video/audio recordings or stream live feeds.
Integrate with legal practice management and document systems using our API

Step 2

Transcribe and/or Translate.
Transcribe your audio or video files in 18+ languages. You can also instantly translate your text into 30 languages with just a language selection.
Our API also enables easy integration of transcription and translation capabilities into your existing systems.

Step 3

Receive and Review Transcripts
Fine-tune your transcriptions or translations and download them in your preferred format.
You can export to SRT, TXT and many more


Transform Your Workflow with Vatis Tech

Save Time & Cut Costs on Legal Transcription

Drastically reduce billable hours spent on tedious manual transcription of audio and video files.
Reallocate that time to complex legal analysis, client consultations, and case strategy development. Our speech-to-text technology offers cost-effective legal transcription services.

Streamline Case Management with Accessible Transcripts

Boost efficiency and productivity for case preparation and legal research. 
Quickly locate crucial information, witness statements, and key precedents within transcripts of recorded testimonies, depositions, and court proceedings. Integrate transcripts into your legal document and case management workflows.

Ensure Accuracy for Audio/Video Evidence

Get highly accurate legal transcripts with 90%+ accuracy, ensuring precise documentation of audio and video evidence like client interviews, hearings, and legal proceedings.
Maintain verified transcripts for your official records.

Meet Compliance Requirements with Accessibility

Comply with accessibility regulations by providing transcripts and closed captions.
Create an inclusive experience for clients, court reporters, and individuals with disabilities by making your audio/video content and legal documents accessible.

Extract Insights from Spoken Words with AI Tools

Leverage our advanced audio intelligence capabilities to pinpoint patterns, extract key themes, and analyze sentiments within transcripts of legal testimony, recorded meetings, and other audio data.

More Than Just Transcription for Legal Professionals

Vatis Tech offers an all-in-one speech recognition technology tailored for the legal industry:

  • Multilingual Transcription Available in Over 18 languages and Translation Services in 30 languages.
  • User-Friendly Transcript Editor with search, notes, and review tools
  • Summarization and Q&A capabilities with our AI Assistant
  • Gain insights rapidly with Audio Intelligence tools like Sentiment Analysis and Intention Detection 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

How do I submit audio/video for legal transcription?

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Securely upload audio and video files directly to our platform. You can also integrate our speech-to-text APIs with your existing legal case management systems to directly import recordings.

Can your software handle multi-speaker scenarios?

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Yes, our AI models accurately transcribe group conversations, separating speaker voices even with crosstalk, and background noise present in your audio/video evidence.

How quickly are legal transcripts delivered?

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For real-time legal events like depositions, you'll see a live updating transcript as the audio occurs. For batch processing of existing audio/video recordings, we are converting videos within minutes.

How does Vatis Tech protect client privacy?

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We use robust security with end-to-end encryption, access controls, secure data centers, and on-premise deployment options to ensure all sensitive legal materials remain private and confidential.

Can legal transcript formatting be customized?

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Absolutely. Our solutions provide extensive customization for legal transcripts, allowing you to set preferences for speaker labels, timecodes, transcript formatting download, and more based on your law firm's needs.

What training/support is provided for implementation?

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Our team offers comprehensive assistance including workflow consulting, custom API integration, template setup, user training, and ongoing technical support to ensure seamless adoption.

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