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"The automatically transcribed text can be easily edited and modified as needed. This is useful in situations where corrections or adjustments need to be made to the transcription to ensure greater accuracy. Automated transcripts can then be shared and distributed more easily among multiple users, facilitating collaboration and information exchange.”

Antena 3

Alin Romașcan

Chief Operating Officer, Antena 3 CNN

Up to 99%Accuracy

when transcribing high-quality audio from media broadcasting.

Our speech-to-text technology is powered by state-of-the-art AI, which allows us to transcribe speech with near-human accuracy.

1 hour-long file gets fully transcribed in about 15 minutes. A whole interview transcribed in 15 minutes, imagine that — it's like magic, but without the wand-waving and rabbit-pulling.

To top it all off, it gets better at processing your files over time. Like a human, but better.


We’ve Got You Covered

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Contact Centers

Speech recognition & analytics to unlock data-driven business insights.


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Medical Documentation

Accurate medical transcription for quicker medical documentation.


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Media & Newsrooms

Speech-to-text perfectly made for Newsrooms, to save your time.


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Learn how transcribing your podcast can boost your online presence.


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Real time transcription for live streaming events.


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Transcribe legal proceedings, hearings, depositions, meetings.


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Media Monitoring

Automated transcription that helps you monitor brand mentions.


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Automatically transcribe lectures, courses and research work.


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We Do Everything For You. Literally.

Vatis features on-cloud or on-premise APIs for easy integrations, support for real-time transcription, or custom AI models, alongside a plethora of features designed to do the work for you, and supercharge your workflow.

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Async & Real-Time Transcription

Transcribe audio and video with jaw-dropping precision and lightning-fast speed. Our real-time API for live audio streams provides a blink-and-you'll-miss-it response time of 420 ms. 10 times faster than handwriting!


75-85% Accuracy

That’s how accurate our competitors are, on average. And they’re also 4x more expensive.


95%+ Accuracy

Vatis is more accurate even without any training, and it gets even better over time.

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Automatic Speaker Diarization & Entity Detection

Discern the number of speakers in your audio file and pair them with their spoken words. Recognize entities such as names of individuals, companies, dates, or locations within your audio files, with remarkable precision.

4.6 Million Minutes

That’s how much audio we’ve processed so far. That’s more than 8 years worth of audio files. And it’s counting.

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Any Format Supported

Our API tackles everything, audio or video, from MP3 to FLAC and MP4 to MKV with ease. And when it's time to wrap up, effortlessly export your polished transcript into PDF, DOCX, TXT, or SRT formats like a pro.


We’re Very Developer-Friendly

Integrate Vatis Tech's Speech-to-Text APIs into your application in minutes with a single API call and easy-to-follow API docs.

import requests

url = ""

payload = {
 'language': 'ro_RO'

files = [
 ('file', open('/path/to/your_file.mp4','rb'))
headers = {
 'Authorization': 'Bearer *your_api_key_here*',

response = requests.request("POST", url, headers = headers, data = payload, files = files)


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“In a world full of unsearchable, but crucial information on platforms such as TikTok, InstaReels, Facebook or Youtube lives, Vatis gave us, as journalists, the opportunity to collect, transcribe and search for information.

Without it, I would have to listen to thousands of hours of interviews, debates and streamed video solely helped by two ears, ten fingers and a headset.”

Victor Ilie

Victor Ilie

Investigative Reporter, Recorder

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