Speech recognition infrastructure for everyone

Accurate, affordable, and accessible for everyone speech recognition technology

Automate Your Tasks

Everything you need to unlock the full potential of your audio

The platform features contain on-cloud or on-premise APIs for easy integrations, support for real-time transcription, or custom AI models

High accuracy

With the specialized domain models, you will get an accuracy of at least 95%

Cloud API integration

You can easily integrate our cloud API to automate your flows with audio content

On-premise API integration

Also, you can use our API in an on-premise version for secured environments

Real-time transcription

You can transcribe in real-time with an average response time of 420 milliseconds

Custom models

Start from our base models, or train your model with your custom data

Data labeling and generation

Easily create datasets to improve your speech models from your raw data

Confidence and timestamps

Every word has a confidence score and a timestamp to help you

Export in many formats

You can easily export your content to pdf, docx, txt, or srt format

Edit your content

Cut parts from your content or modify the transcription text, all it's possible

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High accuracy

You can start using our already domain trained models on General and media, Medical (soon), Call centers (soon), Legal (soon), and Government (soon), all of them with an accuracy of at least 95%.

Inbox user interface

API integration

Built by developers for developers, our API can be used in the cloud version or on-premise version, both with pre-recorded audio and real-time audio stream.


Custom models

If our domain pre-trained models don't fit your needs you can build a tailored model for you in our infrastructure with minimum resources. All you need are just domain-specific data and you can use our data labeling and generation platform to transform your raw data into datasets ready to improve the accuracy of your custom domain model.

Inbox user interface

Interactive transcript editor

Created with the end-user in mind this transcript editor will help you to add, delete or modify sentences. You have a history of revisions, you can add notes or highlight sentences, and you can also add a name for the speakers (soon). After that, you can easily export it as pdf, docx, txt or srt.


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