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Enhancing Media Monitoring with Cutting-Edge Speech-to-Text Technology

Founded in 1896, Observer stands as a prestigious Austrian family-owned entity, leading in media intelligence, monitoring, and analysis. With historical ties to serving dignitaries such as the Austrian Emperor, Observer has evolved to cater to the largest companies and global players of the 21st century.

As a founding member of the international organization of media monitoring companies, FIBEP (Bureaux d‘Extraits de Presse), and under Florian Laszlo's stewardship, as the former FIBEP General Secretary, Observer has maintained its international presence and technological leadership. The company's commitment to innovation shines through its Media Intelligence Office (MIO) and extensive newsroom solutions.

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The Challenge

As Observer sought to enhance its in-house media monitoring by incorporating radio and television broadcasts, the challenge of processing a vast volume of pre-recorded files emerged. The company required a speech-to-text solution that not only offered industry-leading accuracy but also presented significant cost advantages. This need for a cost-effective, yet highly accurate solution was critical in managing the extensive audio data volume, essential for amplifying their competitive edge and fostering business growth.

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The Solution

In response to Observer's needs, Vatis Tech provided a tailored speech-to-text solution, featuring round-the-clock, on-premise transcription at a highly competitive price, distinctly setting it apart from competitors in the market.

This solution offered a fixed monthly rate per seat for unlimited on-premise speech-to-text services, irrespective of the volume of audio data for transcription.

Engineered to manage up to 10 transcription streams simultaneously, the solution adheres to industry standards, achieving an accuracy rate exceeding 90%. This superior value proposition, coupled with its smooth integration into Observer's operations through user-friendly API documentation, significantly enhanced the company's media monitoring efficiency.

The Results

The implementation of Vatis Tech's solution marked a pivotal milestone for Observer:

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Expanded Monitoring Services

With Vatis Tech's speech-to-text solution, Observer significantly expanded its in-house monitoring services to include radio and television broadcasts. This expansion not only enhanced its media coverage and analysis capabilities but also positioned Observer more competitively in pricing, making its offerings more attractive to both existing and new customers.

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Reinforced Technological Leadership

Integrating Vatis Tech's solution with the Observer's MIO system highlighted the company's dedication to innovation. This move not only solidified Observer's status as a leader in the media intelligence sector but also enabled it to capture new business opportunities, further driving growth and expanding its market presence.

Next Steps

Moving forward, Observer is set to explore the extended functionalities of Vatis Tech's speech-to-text solution, such as speaker recognition, team collaboration, summarization, and further audio intelligence features, with the goal of enhancing its media monitoring offerings. This technological advancement, particularly the innovative 24/7, on-premise transcription at a fixed monthly price, provides Observer with a competitive edge in pricing and functionality, enabling significant growth in its core media monitoring business.

Furthermore, Observer is set to broaden its media monitoring services into the German-speaking market and other regions, seeking to penetrate new markets and industries. This strategic expansion, supported by the advantageous pricing and cutting-edge capabilities of Vatis Tech's solution, is expected to open up new business opportunities, reinforcing Observer's position as a leader in media monitoring on a global scale.


The partnership between Vatis Tech and Observer exemplifies the successful integration of tradition and innovation in media monitoring. By addressing complex transcription challenges and leveraging cutting-edge speech-to-text technology, Observer has not only expanded its service offerings but also reinforced its legacy as a pioneer in the field. This case study highlights the enduring impact of innovative solutions on the evolution of established enterprises like Observer, navigating the complexities of the digital era while honoring a rich heritage.

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