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Make your videos universally understandable with our cutting-edge Subtitle Generator. Powered by the latest AI technology, our tool delivers high-accuracy subtitles, enhancing viewer experience.

Every month, Vatis Tech cutting-edge transcription software and powerful speech-to-text API processes a vast number of media files, transcribing and translating content with over 90% accuracy.



Key Features of Our Audio Translation Services:

Words Without Borders

Break language barriers.
Translate your text into 30 languages, making communication easy for everyone. 

Accuracy You Can Trust

Our AI-powered translator delivers pinpoint accuracy.
Understand the message, not just the words.


Vatis Tech can significantly reduce the costs associated with translation services, offering a budget-friendly alternative. Check our pricing for more information.

User-Friendly and Effortless

No tech expertise needed – easily upload, transcribe, translate, understand. Focus on the conversation, not the tech.

Step by Step

Your Easy Audio Translator

Step 1

Upload your audio or video files
Directly from computer, by drag-and-drop, or via a public link such us: YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, or any other public source.

Step 2

Transcribe and Translate
First, transcribe your audio or video in its original language. Then, translate your file by simply selecting from any of the 30 languages we support.

Step 3

Adjust and Download
Fine-tune your translations and download them in your preferred format.
You can export to SRT, TXT and many more.


Discover the key advantages of automatically translating subtitles into multiple languages:

Save Time, Boost Productivity

No more manual transcription or searching for interpreters. Focus on the content, not the language barrier.

Increase Learning & Understanding

Study foreign languages, access lectures, and understand the world better.Unlock knowledge that wasn't accessible before.

Connect and Collaborate

Build understanding across cultures and language divides. Make presentations, work projects, and conversations globally accessible.

Audio Translation That Does More

- Accurate Audio Transcription: Turn speech into editable text in minutes.
- Seamless Translation: Communicate across languages with 30 supported options.
- Customization Tools: Edit and refine your transcripts and translations for perfect results.
- AI-Powered Insights: Summarize key points and ask questions about your audio content.
- Finalize your subtitle creation with the ability to export in a variety of formats, tailored to fit diverse platforms such as film, television, online streaming, or professional presentations.

Embrace Vatis Tech for your subtitle generation projects, where efficiency, innovation, and quality meet to transform your content creation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

Can I get free audio translation?

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Yes! We offer 1 hour of free usage of our Audio Translator tool. Get started with accurate transcription and translation right away.

How do I translate audio files with Vatis?

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Upload. Transcribe: our transcription service converts audio to text. Translate: select your desired language and get an accurate translation.

Does my audio need transcription before translation?

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Yes. To translate spoken words, we first need to transcribe your audio into text using our speech recognition software.

How fast is the audio translation process?

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Expect high-quality audio translation in minutes, not hours. We convert 1 hour of high-quality audio or video in about 15 minutes. Poorer quality may extend this time, but it's still faster than the up to 4 hours manual conversion. 

How do I create subtitles for audio files?

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  • Upload your files.
  • Automatically transcribe your videos or audio files using our powerful AI to generate your audio/video transcript.
  • Translate the transcript into your desired subtitle language.
  • Export your translation in standard SRT or TXT format for use with your favorite video players and add subtitles to your videos. 

Adding subtitles to your video files improves accessibility and boosts your visibility on search engines.

How accurate is Vatis audio translation?

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Our transcription process strives for over 90% accuracy. Plus, you can easily edit and refine your transcripts and translations for that perfect result: 100% accuracy rate. 

Is my audio data secure with Vatis?

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Absolutely! Your files are encrypted and protected with bank-level security. We take data privacy and confidentiality seriously.

How can I get the best quality transcription and translation?

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Follow these tips for top-notch results:

  • Record with good quality equipment.
  • Speak clearly and minimize background noise.
  • Use a microphone suitable for speech recognition.
  • If recording multiple speakers, keep them at a consistent distance from the microphone.

Does Vatis identify different speakers and provide timestamps?

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Yes! Our tool offers speaker identification and timestamps for a clear breakdown of your audio content.

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