PR Monitoring Case Study: How Speech-to-Text Improved Brand Analysis Efficiency

LOOQME operates as a comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to monitoring and analyzing the informational activities of brands, companies, and individuals across both online and offline channels, including social media.

Their suite of products, such as LOOQME Hub, MyNews Bot, LOOQME R-index, and Industry Watcher, are specifically designed to support marketing and PR professionals by providing in-depth insights into brand reputation, media mentions, and market dynamics.

This enables businesses to effectively manage their PR strategies, leveraging their media presence for enhanced brand tracking analysis and business growth.

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The Challenge

LOOQME sought to integrate PR insights with business intelligence for smarter decision-making. However, traditional methods led to slow, inaccurate analysis of broadcasting in Romanian and Slavic languages, hindering their brand tracking. This lack of reliable data was a major obstacle in the dynamic PR industry, where accurate brand tracking mentions is key to success.

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The Solution

LOOQME's collaboration with Vatis Tech, known for its advanced speech-to-text technology, significantly improved the analysis of multilingual TV broadcasts. The integration process into the LOOQME system was smooth and user-friendly, thanks to Vatis Tech's accessible API documentation.

This partnership enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of LOOQME's workflow, particularly in transcribing Romanian and Slavic languages.

Results and Benefits 

Vatis Tech's solution enabled LOOQME to seamlessly transcribe Romanian and Slavic languages with impressive accuracy (over 95% for Romanian and 90% for Slavic languages). The partnership brought significant benefits to the LOOQME team:

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Multilingual PR Insights

Accurate transcription of Romanian and Slavic languages broadened LOOQME's analytical capabilities.

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Improved Efficiency

Automated transcription significantly reduced analysis time, freeing resources for strategic insights.

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High Accuracy

Improved accuracy in tracking brand entities led to better strategic decision-making compared to previous methods. Reliable data enabled more precise brand tracking assessments.

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Actionable Insights

Accurate data enabled better strategic decision-making for LOOQME’s clients.

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Cost Savings

Optimized workflow reduced operational costs, creating a competitive advantage.

Next Steps

Building on the success of this collaboration, LOOQME aims to further improve Slavic languages transcription accuracy to above 90% by providing Vatis Tech with more broadcast data to refine the technology.


LOOQME revolutionized its PR monitoring processes by integrating advanced speech-to-text technology. This streamlined their multilingual analysis, significantly improving the speed, accuracy, and depth of their brand tracking analysis.  The result? A clear competitive advantage and more cost-effective services for their clients.

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