Video Translation: Broaden Your Audience Reach

Enhance your videos' global appeal by seamlessly transcribing and translating content into multiple languages with Vatis Tech. Ideal for webinars, lectures, and entertainment content. Our automatic video translation services ensure your videos are universally understood, helping you to generate subtitles in 30 languages. 

Vatis Tech’s automatic transcription software  and powerful speech-to-text API use cutting-edge AI to quickly transcribe and translate audio, with over 90% accuracy.



Key Features of Our Video Translation Services

Ease of Use

Simply upload your video for automatic transcription and translation.

High Accuracy

Our AI technology guarantees precise transcription and translation, achieving near-human accuracy.


Vatis Tech automatic video translation can significantly reduce the costs associated with translation services, offering a budget-friendly alternative.

Multiple Languages

Our tool can translate subtitles in over 18 different languages expanding your reach to a global and diverse audience.

Step by Step

Guide On How Our Video Translation Works

Step 1

Upload your video files
Directly from computer, by drag-and-drop, or via a public link such us: YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, or any other public source.

Step 2

Transcribe and Translate
First, transcribe your video in its original language. Then, translate your transcription by simply selecting from any of the 30 languages we support.

Step 3

Adjust and Download
Fine-tune your translation and download it in your preferred format.
You can export to SRT, TXT and many more.


Discover the key advantages of automatically translating subtitles into multiple languages

Global Reach

Make your video content accessible to an international audience, by adding subtitles. 

Save Time 

Automate the translation process to free up your schedule for more important tasks.


Ensure message uniformity across different languages to maintain the essence of your content.

Beyond a mere AI video translation tool

Vatis Tech offers a comprehensive suite of video translation tools. 

Create personalized captions, translate transcripts, and generate subtitles with our user-friendly editor. Summarize content quickly, get instant AI assistant help on transcriptions or translations, and export in your preferred format. 

Streamline your content creation efficiently with Vatis Tech!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

How can I translate a video?

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Upload, Convert video to text and then Translate instantly in 30 languages.
Start taking advantage of our technology today with a 60-minute free trial. No credit card needed. 

Do I need to transcribe before translating?

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Yes, transcription is the first step.

How long does the video translation take?

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​​Our AI works fast, providing quick turnaround times.We convert 1 hour of high-quality audio in about 15 minutes. Poorer quality may extend this time, but it's still faster than the up to 4 hours manual conversion.

How can I create subtitles for my audio files?

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Upload your video files. Our software will automatically convert your file into text. Translate your audio transcript in any of the 30 available languages to generate subtitles. Export your subtitles to the widely-used SRT text format, favoured for video content, or choose TXT for compatibility. You can add these subtitle files to various video players such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CupCut, Veed.io, and others. This will make your videos more accessible by providing subtitles.

Accuracy of translations?

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We aim for over 90% accuracy. Once you receive your transcription and translation you can make any necessary corrections directly within the editor. By proofreading and fine-tuning your files, you can achieve the gold standard of 100% accuracy.

Does your translation software offer multiple-speaker identification?

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Our software can identify and label different speakers in the translation. Just write their names and the software will recognize when a speaker changes.

Does your translation show the exact times each speaker talks in the audio or video?

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Our software adds timestamps to translations, helping you find specific moments in a video. It also shows when different speakers are talking. Take advantage of our technology by  starting your free trial

How do you keep my files confidential?

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Your files are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Only you have the encryption key, so no one else can read your files. We use bank-grade security and have strict data storage policies to keep your files safe.

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