Euronews Romania's Partnership with Vatis Tech: A Voice-to-Text Revolution 

In the fast-paced world of news broadcasting, Euronews Romania stands out for delivering comprehensive and timely news coverage with a European perspective. As a vital member of the globally recognized Euronews family, the Romania branch strives to maintain the highest standards of journalism and content delivery.

Newsrooms are bustling hubs of activity. But one task–converting recorded interviews, speeches, and live broadcasts into usable text–can drain resources. Euronews Romania found a way to break that bottleneck and transform their workflow with Vatis Tech's advanced speech-to-text technology for transcribing pre-recorded audio and video files and real-time streaming.

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The Challenge: The Transcription Backlog

Much like many other newsrooms, Euronews Romania's team found themselves dedicating endless hours to the manual transcription of audio and video from press conferences and a variety of other sources—an incredibly inefficient task. Eager to find a solution, they sought an automation tool that could simplify this process and ease their team's workload.

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The Solution: A One-Stop Shop for Transcription Needs

Euronews Romania was in search of a partner to meet their transcription challenges, and they discovered Vatis Tech. With Vatis Tech's advanced transcription software, they accomplished streamlined management in areas such as:

  • Efficient Pre-recorded File Transcription: Upload interviews, press conferences, or broadcasts for quick and accurate transcription.
  • Real-time Speech-to-Text Streaming: Capture live events or interviews word-for-word with minimal lag, allowing journalists to focus on the conversation

The Results: A Newsroom Empowered

Vatis Tech's solution transformed Euronews Romania's transcription workflow:

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Boosted Efficiency

The introduction of automatic speech-to-text technology significantly reduced the time required for transcription, allowing the editorial team to allocate more time to content analysis and story development.

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Enhanced Precision

Vatis Tech's transcription boasts over 90% accuracy, surpassing 95% for Romanian content. This precision ensures Euronews Romania's audio and video are reliably converted into text, maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of their news.

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Real-time Advantage

Journalists can capture live events with real-time transcription, speeding up the news gathering process.

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Streamlined Workflow

With Vatis Tech's solution, Euronews Romania optimized their production cycle.
The result: faster turnaround times for both news stories and features.

Next Steps

Embracing the success of this collaboration, Euronews Romania is eager to explore additional functionalities within Vatis Tech's suite, particularly interested in features like automatic language detection and translation, which promise to broaden their content's appeal and accessibility to a global audience.

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"In our quest for a state-of-the-art transcription solution, Vatis Tech emerged as the clear choice, thanks to its solid accuracy, ease of use, and real-time capabilities. 

After an extensive review and comparison of multiple speech-to-text solutions, including considerations for an in-house developed system, Vatis emerged as the superior solution. Its exceptional transcription accuracy, particularly with the Romanian language, met our unique requirements. Implementing Vatis has significantly improved our transcription workflow, allowing our journalists to devote more time to their core mission of gathering, analyzing, and reporting news.”

Adrian Vintila

Adrian Vintila

Head of Broadcast IT, Euronews Romania

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