Secure Speech-to-Text for Public Administration: The Competition Council Case Study

Established in 1996, the Romanian Competition Council is an autonomous administrative body dedicated to protecting fair competition and consumer interests. They enforce national and EU regulations through two key actions:

  • Corrective Action: Restoring and maintaining a healthy competitive environment.
  • Preventative Monitoring: Observing market behavior to protect against anti-competitive practices.

Additionally, the Council serves as the national contact point for State aid matters, coordinating between the European Commission, public institutions, and aid beneficiaries.

Seeking enhanced transparency and efficiency, the Competition Council aimed to automate audio and video transcription. This would improve record-keeping and streamline their workflow.

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The Challenge

The Competition Council faced the necessity of accurately transcribing audio and video recordings from their plenary meetings and hearings, with a priority on capturing the detailed complexities of these discussions. 

The main challenge was to secure a technology that not only grasped the specialized terminology of competition law but also guaranteed the accuracy required to uphold the integrity of the records. 

Additionally, it was imperative that this technology adhere to stringent security and privacy standards, ensuring the protection of sensitive information deliberated in these meetings. 

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The Solution

Vatis Tech introduced an advanced speech-to-text technology, designed with the public sector's unique needs in mind. 

Initially, the challenge lay in the technology's ability to accurately interpret the specialized language and terminology of competition law. To overcome this, Vatis Tech and the Competition Council collaborated closely to develop a custom vocabulary tailored specifically to this legal domain. This strategic adaptation enabled the technology to achieve an impressive accuracy rate of over 90% in transcribing the Council's specific terminology, significantly enhancing the efficiency of data management and record-keeping processes.

Deployed directly onto the Competition Council's own secure systems to adhere to their strict security and privacy mandates, the technology seamlessly converted audio recordings from meetings and hearings into text. 

Its ability to capture the nuanced terminology of competition law not only ensured the high accuracy of transcriptions but also safeguarded the integrity of sensitive information, marking a significant step forward in the Council’s operational capabilities.

The Results

Core benefits of Vatis Tech's speech-to-text solution for the Competition Council:

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Legal Documentation Accuracy

With over 90% accuracy in capturing complex competition law terminology, Vatis Tech's solution accurately reflected complex discussions, crucial for legal integrity and compliance.

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Streamlined Record-Keeping

Automated transcription drastically speeds up record-keeping, freeing up valuable administrative resources.

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Uncompromising Data Security

On-premise deployment safeguards sensitive information in accordance with the Competition Council's strict privacy standards.

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Boosting Operational Transparency

Quick, accurate meeting transcription makes information accessible, promoting transparency and public understanding.

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Protecting Sensitive Discussions

Adherence to privacy standards ensures confidentiality, fostering trust in the Competition Council.

Looking Ahead

With the success of the speech-to-text implementation, the Competition Council is now eyeing up-coming future upgrades, especially in text analytics and audio intelligence, such as: 

  • Summarization: Concise summaries streamline information extraction.
  • Topic and Intent Detection: Quickly pinpoint key themes and objectives.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Gauge public and stakeholder sentiment for informed decision-making.

This enthusiasm points towards a bright future in leveraging technology for public administration efficiency.


The partnership between Vatis Tech and the Competition Council is a prime example of how technology, like speech-to-text solutions, can transform public administration. By making it simpler to convert audio and video to text, the council has set new standards for operational efficiency and transparency. This case study not only highlights the council's forward-thinking approach but also serves as a beacon for other government agencies seeking to optimize service delivery through innovation.

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