Interview Transcription: Capture Every Word With Precision

At Vatis Tech, we understand the critical importance of accurately transcribing interviews. Whether it's for qualitative research, journalism, legal proceedings, or business insights, our state-of-the-art transcription services ensure that every word and nuance is captured with precision.

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Over 90% accuracy: Leveraging advanced AI-driven technology, Vatis Tech guarantees over 90% accuracy, closely mirroring human precision in capturing diverse nuances of spoken language.

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Speed and Efficiency: Transform your audio interviews into text swiftly, far outpacing traditional manual transcription methods. This efficiency allows you to focus on analysis and content development without delay.

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Guaranteed Confidentiality: We prioritize the confidentiality and sensitivity of your interview content. Our secure platform maintains the highest levels of data protection, ensuring your information remains private and protected.

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User-Friendly Process: Uploading your audio files is simple and straightforward. Our intuitive system processes your files swiftly, delivering easily editable and integrable text for your workflow.

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Multi-Language Support: With the ability to transcribe and also translate in multiple languages, Vatis Tech stands as a globally competent partner, ready to cater to a diverse range of transcription needs.


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Step-by-Step Guide to Generating a Transcript for Your Interview


Log into your Vatis Tech account

If you don't have one, you can sign up for Vatis's free account—60 minutes of free transcription.


Select the Language, General Model, and Speaker Diarization

This is done so you can get the script with speaker identification.


Receive your transcript and adjust it

Our transcription software will convert your file into text in just a few minutes (depending on the length of your file). You can edit your transcript by typing directly into your browser to correct any errors. 


Do more with our AI Assistant

If necessary, you have the option to TRANSLATE your transcript, SUMMARIZE the conversation, or engage in a CHAT WITH YOUR VATIS TECH AI ASSISTANT. Ask any questions about your audio file transcript, and the Vatis Tech AI assistant will provide instant responses. No need to read through the entire transcript or relisten the audio recording—you’ll get immediate answers to the questions you seek.

Need the transcript in a different language? Simply select your desired language from our extensive range of languages.


Export your transcript

Export your transcript to any format you want including MS Word, PDF, subtitles, or a simple text file.

Here are the languages and formats available for transcription

Supported Audio Formats

Supported Video Formats

See For Yourself

We've created a streamlined video tutorial to demonstrate the effortless and intuitive functionality of our interview transcription tool.

1import requests
3url = ""
5payload = {
6 'language': 'ro_RO'
9files = [
10 ('file', open('/path/to/your_file.mp4','rb'))
12headers = {
13 'Authorization': 'Bearer *your_api_key_here*',
16response = requests.request("POST", url, headers = headers, data = payload, files = files)

We’re Very Developer-Friendly

Integrate Vatis Tech's Speech-to-Text APIs into your application in minutes with a single API call and easy-to-follow API docs

Benefits of interview transcription

Here are the most relevant and impactful use cases for interview transcription

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Qualitative Research:Transcribe interviews for academic research, ensuring thorough documentation and analysis of qualitative data.

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Journalism: Convert your journalistic interviews into text, facilitating crafting the news, faster article writing and accurate reporting.

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Legal Proceedings and Depositions: Transcribing legal interviews and depositions, provides accurate records for reference, analysis, and compliance in the legal industry.

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Business and HR: Document interviews for recruitment, training sessions, and business meetings, aiding in decision-making and strategy development.

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Healthcare: Transcribe patient interviews and medical discussions, contributing to accurate medical records and research data.

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Media and Podcasting: Accurate transcription of video or audio content, like interviews, enables the creation of compelling stories and allows easy repurposing into blog posts, or social media content, expanding the reach.

More Than Just a Platform for Generating Interview Transcripts

Vatis Tech extends far beyond basic interview transcription, providing a comprehensive array of sophisticated tools designed for optimal functionality.

With our platform, you can tailor interview transcriptions to your specific needs, easily translate them, and smoothly generate subtitles. Our intuitive editor allows for seamless editing and reviewing of both transcriptions and translations. Simplify your work with our efficient summarization feature, and leverage the power of our AI Assistant for quick and accurate responses to any queries about your audio or video files, eliminating the need to comb through the entire content. When you're ready, effortlessly export your transcripts or subtitles in your preferred format.

Rely on Vatis Tech for efficient, streamlined solutions in content creation!

An image showing the AI capabilities of the Vatis Tech platform
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

How Does the Process of Transcribing My Interview Work?

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We transcribe your interview automatically by using our Transcription Software or our Speech to Text API for large volumes of audio or video data. You just need to upload your interview and select your preferred language and settings. The software will then transcribe your audio or video file and generate a transcript. 

How long does it take to transcribe a 1 hour long interview?

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Our automatic transcription software can get your files transcribed in a few minutes (depending on the quality of your audio or video). If your interview has a good audio quality you can expect to take around 15 minutes to convert 1 hour of audio of video. If you have poor quality, it may take longer. Did you know that it can take up to 4 hours to convert manually 1 hour of audio or video to text? We can save you a lot of time and resources. 

What is the accuracy level of your interview transcription service?

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Vatis Tech's transcription software delivers near-human level accuracy, transcribing your interviews with about 90% precision or higher. Once you receive your transcript, you can easily make any required edits directly in our user-friendly editor. Through proofreading and adjustments, you can attain the gold standard of 100% accuracy.

Can your transcription software accurately identify different speakers within the interview?

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Yes, our transcription software features automatic speaker identification, efficiently recognizing and labeling different speakers in the interview transcript; simply write their names as needed and the transcription software will automatically recognize when a speaker changes. 

Does your transcription software allow for editing and searching within transcripts?

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Yes, our transcription software offers comprehensive editability and searchability features, allowing users to effortlessly amend and find specific segments in the transcript. You can proofread and directly make corrections within the editor.

Does your transcription indicate the specific times when different speakers are speaking in the audio or video?

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Yes, our transcription software automatically adds timestamps to the transcripts, making it easier to locate and reference specific moments in the audio or video, and indicates when different speakers are speaking. 

What languages and formats do you support for transcription? 

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We strive to offer extensive language support, currently encompassing the following languages and formats.

How will I receive my interview transcript?

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You will receive your transcript as an editable document in our online editor. You can view, edit, and download the transcript to your computer. You can download the text to any format you want including MS Word, PDF, subtitles, or a simple text file.

How can I create subtitles for my video files?

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Upload your audio or video  files. Our software will automatically convert your file into text. You can now translate your generated transcript in your desired language. Our platform offers subtitle generation in over 17 languages.  Export your subtitles to the widely-used SRT text format, favored for video content, or choose TXT for compatibility. Upload these subtitle files to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, CupCut, and other video players to make your videos instantly accessible with subtitles.

How can I increase the accuracy of my transcription?

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To get the best possible results from our transcription service, please follow these tips: use high-quality recording equipment, record in a quiet environment, speak clearly and at a consistent volume, avoid background noise, if possible, use a microphone that is designed for speech recognition, if you are recording multiple people, try to keep them all in the same room and at a similar distance from the microphone, if you are recording a conversation, try to avoid overlapping speech.

How do you keep my files confidential?

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Your files are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Only you have the encryption key, so no one else can read your files. We use bank-grade security and have strict data storage policies to keep your files safe.

Can your transcription software integrate with other platforms we are using?

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Yes, our transcription software easily integrates with various platforms and productivity tools through our robust API, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.

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