Convert AIFF to Text with +90% Accuracy

Save time and money with accurate and fast AIFF transcription & translation. Vatis Tech's AI-powered transcription software converts AIFF to text with over 90% accuracy rate, making it perfect for interviews, meetings, podcasts, and more.


Step by Step

How to transcribe AIFF to text with Vatis Tech

Step 1

Upload your AIFF file or drag and drop it to Vatis Tech.

Step 2

Auto-Transcribe your AIFF to text. You can also instantly translate your text into more than 18 languages with just a language selection.

Step 3

Review, edit, and download your final transcript or translation.


Get clear text from any AIFF file.

High Accuracy

Our advanced technology converts AIFF to text with over 90% accuracy, capturing details with near-human precision.

Speaker Identification 

Know who said what. Type the names of the speakers and our smart editor automatically follows who’s speaking. 

Linked Playback

Vatis Tech links text to the original AIFF file, so you can check exactly what was said anytime without full playback.


We deliver significant savings, offering at least a 20% cost reduction compared to other top providers. Check our pricing page

Large Volume Handling

Process thousands of hours of audio and video efficiently. Our Speech-to-Text API offers exceptional reliability and performance.

Multilingual Support

Our software supports transcription and subtitle generation in over 18 languages, making it versatile for global applications.

See For Yourself

Vatis Tech delivers near-human accuracy when converting audio to text. Transcribe AIFF and other audio recordings quickly and easily. We automatically transcribe spoken content for every speaker while seamlessly converting letter-written numerals to number-written numerals, ensuring clarity and precision in the transcription.

Smarter Transcription That Saves You Time. Our advanced speech recognition technology encodes and decodes your files to identify key entities like people, company names, dates, and locations. This delivers incredibly precise transcripts, minimizing the need for manual edits. Experience +90% word-level accuracy – outperforming industry leaders like Amazon, Google, Speechmatics, and Microsoft.


Speaker 1

Thank you so much, Mr. Fairbase. Can you please provide your national insurance number?


Speaker 2

National insurance number is 369-4456.


Speaker 1

Wonderful. Also, Mr. Fairbase, can I please have your date of birth?


Speaker 2

My date of birth is 9-26-1995.


Speaker 1

Thank you, George Washington. What is your date of birth?


Speaker 2

It is July 1st, 1968.


Speaker 1

Thank you very much. And can you confirm the address that we have for you here in the system?


Speaker 2

The address is 2898 Atwood Terrace, Columbus, Ohio, 432-24


Speaker 1

All right. We can have your Wi-Fi installed by April 25th.


Speaker 2

Let me see. April the 25th. I believe that's a Monday. You know what? I am working that day, Monday. Do you have... I am off on the 27th. If you can have a technician come out.


Speaker 1

Let's see. 27th. Yeah, I can definitely schedule an appointment for that day. Did you have a preferred time on the 27th you wanted us to come in.


Speaker 2

Yeah. How about in the morning, 9 o 'clock?


Speaker 1

9 o' clock, perfect. So your appointment is set and there is a two-hour window.

AIFF to Text...and So Much More!

Vatis Tech isn't just transcription. It is about transforming your audio and video into powerful assets.

We offer you a complete solution, with advanced features, for enhancing, repurposing, and understanding your audio content.

Create Accurate Transcripts: Transcribe audio into editable text quickly and accurately.

Global Communication: Break language barriers with translations in 18+ languages to generate subtitles

Tailored Results: Refine transcripts and translations to ensure precision and clarity.

AI-Powered Understanding: Get summaries of key points and ask questions about your audio or video content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Support team.

How does AIFF to text work?

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Vatis Tech uses advanced AI and speech-to-text technology to convert AIFF into editable text. This process is much faster than manual typing; we can automatically convert an hour of audio in minutes! Just upload your AIFF file, select your language and preferences, and our system will convert AIFF to text.

What formats will my transcript be in?

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You'll receive your transcript in a convenient, editable format within our online editor.  Download it in popular formats like .txt, .docx (Word), .pdf, or SRT/VTT for subtitles.

How accurate is Vatis Tech's transcription?

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We achieve around 90% accuracy, similar to a human transcription service. Improve your transcripts even further by editing for perfect results within our platform.

How fast is the AIFF transcription process?

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Expect high-quality AIFF transcription in minutes, not hours. We convert 1 hour of high-quality audio in about 15 minutes. Poorer quality may extend this time, but it's still faster than the up to 4 hours manual conversion.

Is there a free trial for your transcription service?

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Yes! Get started with 60 minutes of free transcription to try our accurate and user-friendly software. Take advantage of our automatic transcription technology by starting your free trial today

Can I identify different speakers in my AIFF file?

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Absolutely! Vatis Tech's speaker identification feature automatically labels different speakers, so you'll always know who said what.

How do I search and edit within my transcripts?

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Our speech recognition software makes it easy to search for keywords and edit your text directly. This helps you find, review, and refine important information quickly.

Does Vatis Tech provide timestamps for my transcript?

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Yes, our audio to text transcription software includes timestamps with your transcript. This helps you pinpoint specific moments in the original audio or video file.

Can I use Vatis Tech to create subtitles for social media clips?

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Definitely! Upload your AIFF file, auto-generate the transcript, and then translate the transcript to generate subtitles. Export your translation in standard SRT or TXT format for use with your favorite video players, such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc, and automatically add subtitles to your social media video/audio content. Adding subtitles to your audio or video files improves accessibility and boosts your visibility on search engines.

How can I get the best quality transcription and translation?

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Follow these tips for top-notch results: record with good quality equipment, speak clearly and minimize background noise, use a microphone suitable for speech recognition. If recording multiple speakers, keep them at a consistent distance from the microphone.

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